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We took a flight from Kochi to Male, the capital city of Maldives....

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If you're living in Hulhumale, where the reclaimed island of Male city is and also the island where the airport is located, Haishal's Airbnb is a good choice. He is 100% credible, well-versed in English (he works in the hospitality industry), and he is patient in explaining all the logistics about getting to and around the Maldives. His room and toilet is a little tight on space though, but extremely convenient if you need to live near the airport since it leads you directly to the airport with a 24-hour public bus.
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I have been here many many times and cannot fault their food. The menu has a mixture of delicacies from all the various Asian and European cuisines, competing for your attention.There is definitely something for everybody. Creative Salads, comforting Pastas, exciting Curries, Vegetarian Food, fresh Seafood, juicy Steaks and local Fayre. I personally went for the Hot and Sour Soup with Prawns. I love it, but if you are not used to the chillies it will give you hickups! One great thing that I like alot about Aioli, is that they will accommodate your taste for degrees of spicyness. Just tell them how hot or mild you like it and they'll do it.Which makes me think, why don't restaurants have a scoville chart type rating for dishes. ... Make mine an 8 out of 10 please
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The bustling capital and the heart of Maldives tourism, Male is linked by regular flights to and from most major cities around the world and the airport is on Hulhule island which is some 2 kilometres from the city. A short ferry ride connects the two. While Male offers excellent boat connectivity to the neighbouring atolls and islands, you can rent a scooter or a bicycle in order to get around the city. Additionally, it is very easy to hail taxis in Male.Amazing Things to Do in Maldives: MaleMale is tiny and exceptionally so, yet it has a magnanimous heart, just the kind a bustling capital should have. It is a commercial hub and abounds in natural beauty at the same time. Its brilliant turquoise waters will blind you and the lively markets will keep you coming back for more. Tourism is evidently the largest industry and Male therefore is an indispensable part of a Maldives itinerary. Male, the phenomenal capital city, offers some of the best things to do in Maldives:1. Visit the impressive Grand Friday Mosque and the Islamic Centre. Both serve as the most important architectural landmarks in the city and are essential places to visit in Maldives.


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