10 Reasons to be at the Lil Flea's 4 Anniver sary 

Photo of 10 Reasons to be at the Lil Flea's 4 Anniver sary  1/1 by Tarana Chauhan

One of India’s favorite weekend makers, The Lil Flea are all geared up to host their 4th anniversary edition at JioGarden, BKC this April. 

1. Festival of Shopping: There large varieties of thing you could buy from this cute little place be it cupcake soap, t-shirt , Kurtis and home decor  and a huge collection of alot of things . 

2. Festival of Experimental & Fusion Foods: Being a discovery platform, the people of The Lil Flea are always on the lookout for amazing upcoming food chefs, bakers and niche food brands. At this edition will bring you hundreds of options from over 60 food brands. Make sure to build up an appetite.

3.  3. Festival of Indie Music:

Catch a live gig, on all evenings at The Lil Flea! There’s an amazing lineup of some of the coolest indie bands to keep you grooving on all days: Including Ankur & The Ghalat Family, Sidd Coutto Experience, Tejas, Marshall & The Mischief, Clayton & Friends, Jazz Jams and All-Star Jams!

4. Movies under the stars:

From classics to cult films, they’re screening all-time favorites you’ve been waiting to watch (or perhaps, even re-watch) every night from 10pm onwards. So, why be a couch potato when you can have a mad time at The Lil Flea…under the stars? Take your friends, make it a date, get you your fam-jam or just go solo with your happy own vibe. Pre-register for these sessions if you are wise, as the numbers of headphones are limited.

5. Festival Bar:

If the weekend calls for a drink or two, make sure you drop by to The Lil Flea’s Festival bar. There’s 7 micro-breweries including the likes of Brewbot, White Owl, Independence Brewing Co, Plus wines of the world Plus Super fun cocktails plus sangrias, alcohol golas and slushies. Enough to keep you buzzing!

6. The Happy Lil Book Exchange:

Not only can you swap a book for another and give your book-shelf an upgrade, the Lil Book exchange lets you have conversations with fellow bibliophiles over some chai and cult classics.

7. Awesome Carnival games & Board Games:

Allow the kid in you to surface and jump on the trampoline, play the giant Jenga, do a little hula hoop, throw some dart, ring some rings or just cheer your friends as they try their hands at the heady assortment of carnival games that take you back a few years. For the board game lovers, borrow some board games from the board games booth! We heard there’s Catan too. Enough said.

8. One Lil Tree:

Join this small but amazing movement to help improve the way we live and the air we breathe. Collect your free seeds to plant in your home, adopt a plant or learn the art of organic gardening.

9. Art:

The Lil Flea loves discovering new, upcoming and edgy artists who have something to say in a way that we all 'wow' over. There’s live art for a cause, there’s art on display by some cool up & coming artists and there’s also collaborative art. Join them to further the art scenes in our beautiful city.

10. Happy Vibes

And of course, there’s always the happy in the air vibes when you visit The Lil Flea. Happy sellers, happy visitors, fun sit outs, beautiful bohemian décor all come together at this festival to make it one weekend to remember.

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