1. Trip over lotus grows at the Macau Lotus Flower Festival

2. Wrinkle into sheep hot pot

3. The sustenance announce at Taipa Village

4. The way that Hong Kong is just 62 km away

5. See incredible blooms at Macau Lotus Flower Festival

6. Visit spot of moving water

7. Walk around streets of Taipa Village

8. Investigate Chinese structure on the stone lions at the passage, Mazu statue, Hongren Hall, Hall of Avalokitesvara and Zhengjiao Chanlin.

9. Investigate shows of Neolithic Period and Contemporary Macau

10. Recognize Water Performance Arena and a Video Games Center,

11. Recognize exceptional tendencies for Wine and Grand Prix Museum

12. Look at the military air of Fortaleza do Monte

13. Go for an unwinding up walk on Hac Sa Beach, with one of most photogenic dusk

14. Wagering club night in Studio City!

15. Visit Flora Garden, an European style garden which is considered as Macaus most noteworthy open park

16. Get my internal character out in Skycap Cable Car

17. The best, Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

18. The night markerts are astonishing

19. My top pick, look at Venetian Macau Casino

20. Who wouldn't want to visit The Las Vegas of Asia!

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