5 Best Hikes in the Dolomites for Breathtaking Footage

26th Apr 2021

5 Best Hikes in The Dolomites for Breathtaking Footage

Photo of 5 Best Hikes in the Dolomites for Breathtaking Footage by Dream Team Travels

While driving up the steep meandering turns full of Italian and German cyclists pedaling through dangerously narrow mountain passes, I wished to be my girlfriend, the one hanging her head out the window, mouth agape, the camera fixed on the alluring green valleys.

This unbelievable mountain range, in northeastern Italy, is a godly playground for both outdoor adventurers and those seeking to capture some of the world's most breathtaking footage.

With hundreds of astounding mountain peaks, we narrowed down to our five favorite day hikes

Day 1

1. Tre Cime di Lavaredo: Wildly Beautiful

Tre Cime di Lavaredo is a trio of jagged spires and one of the most well-known places for photographers. The raw and rugged mountain is so wildly beautiful that it has the power to inspire you and render you speechless.


Distance - 10.3 km round trip

Time - 3 hours, 20 minutes (If you are like us you'll want to set aside an entire day to explore the area)

Elevation - 400 meters (+/-)

Difficulty - Easy to Medium

Starting point - Rifugio Auronzo (Google Maps location)

Note: You'll need to pay a fairly pricey toll/parking fee (€30 per car) to cover the final 7km to Rifugio Auronzo. For campervans, the cost is €45.

Day 2

2. Seceda: Most Dramatic Peaks in Italy

Lush meadows, a constant view of the mountains, and the jagged crags of the Dolomites captivate all who see them.

If you are like us and are visiting Seceda in mid-late October, when the cableways are no longer operating, you can hike to Seceda from the Praplan car park, above Santa Cristina.


Distance - 12 km round trip

Time - 4 hours, 45 minutes

Elevation - 850 meters (+/-)

Difficulty - Medium (although the trail is not difficult the hike is a constant uphill)

Starting point - Cristauta - Praplan (Google Maps location)

Note: You can also take the Seceda Cableways AG to the top.

Day 3

3. Lago Di Sorapis: The Awesomeness of Mother Nature

The shimmering turquoise lake sits at an altitude of 1,925 meters above sea level and the only way to get there is by hiking. Oh and what a hike it is with some of the most beautiful Dolomites views the whole way up.


Distance - 13.5 km round trip

Time - 4 hours, 45 minutes

Elevation - 725 meters (+/-)

Difficulty - Medium to Hard

Starting Point - Passo Tre Croci car Park (Google Maps location)

Note: Come early to find parking, follow path 215.

Day 4

4. Passo Giau: The High Mountain Pass

Photo of Passo Giau, Colle Santa Lucia, Province of Belluno, Italy by Dream Team Travels

Every year thousands of photographers flock to Passo Giau to capture the insanely photogenic Mount Ra Gusela.

There are many different paths here, unknowingly we chose to do the Ra Gusela Via Ferrata. We did not realize Via Ferrata meant that we needed climbing equipment and our dog Cosmo was also with us. We made it around 4km into the hike and 475 meters of elevation before having to

turn around.

Once you get to the last stretch there is no way to make it up with a dog and no climbing gear. However, luckily we had a drone that made it the rest of the way up for us and we were able to capture some of the most amazing footage of Passo Giau!

If you don't have hiking equipment or want an easier hike you can take many different paths here that take you up and around the mountain.

PASSO GIAU (Ra Gusela Via Ferrata) HIKE SUMMARY:

Distance - 9.1 km round trip

Time - 4 hours, 15 minutes

Elevation - 500 meters (+/-)

Difficulty - Moderately Difficult

Starting Point - Parking lot at Passo Giau (Google Maps location)

Note: If you're doing the Ferrata you shouldn't forget your Ferrata set, helmet, climbing harness, and climbing gloves. And leave your dog behind for this one.

Day 5

5. Lago di Braies: The Jewel of Dolomites

Photo of Lago di Braies, Prags, South Tyrol, Italy by Dream Team Travels

Lago di Braies is one of the most beautiful natural settings on our planet. However, due to the ease of access, it is also the most popular spot in the Dolomites. To avoid disappointment, arrive early, even earlier than early to avoid the crowds.

This is one of the easiest hikes one can do in the Dolomites. No maps, navigation skills, or even hiking shoes needed.


Distance - 4 km round trip

Time - 1 hour, 30 minutes

Elevation - 50 meters (+/-)

Difficulty - Easy

Starting Point - Parking lot at Lago di Braies (Google Maps location)

Note: You can rent a boat! Price is €25 for one hour, €15 every 30 minutes after that.

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Photo of 5 Best Hikes in the Dolomites for Breathtaking Footage by Dream Team Travels