5 Tips for going from high school to college in Bath


The University of Bath is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year in great style, after being placed as the 5th best university in the UK according to the Times Higher Education (THE) Student Experience Survey 2016. So it is no wonder that their almost 13 thousand students are happy with the choice they have made.

But living in a small-sized city with around 90,000 inhabitants can be a challenge to many people, especially those that moved from bigger cities. So here are a few tips on how to enjoy your student life and adapt yourself to this new lifestyle.

Get used to everybody knowing you

When you live in the countryside, everybody knows you, and this isn’t just a saying. You only have to accept the fact that most people have been living there for their entire lives (and maybe through generations), so yes, you are the odd one in the crowd. They will talk about you over and over, but, don’t worry, as it won’t last long – a new semester will come soon with new students, and you won’t be news anymore, so enjoy fame while it lasts.

You will also know everybody

It won’t take long until you know all supermarket’s cashiers and salespeople in your favourite shops by name. The postman will help you out when you need to send stuff back home, and the butcher will advise you on how to prepare a stew to warm up your winter. And this will be great as it will give you a feeling of familiarity that you might be missing for being far away from your family.

You will have fewer distractions

Small cities are perfect for those wishing to concentrate in their studies. They offer fewer attractions compared to big cities, such as nightclubs, pubs, and cinemas. You will go through them all after a couple of weeks and will probably get bored of them very quickly – so you can get back to your books and to improve your essays and assignments. And yet, you will always find something to do if you really want to, so that you won’t feel isolated either.

You will learn much more about English culture

Generally speaking, small cities tend to preserve their cultural heritage better compared to big ones. They also attract fewer immigrants, so their lifestyle isn’t that mixed as well. So if your goal is to get to know more about England and its history, going to study in Bath is what you should do for sure – there you will know a lot about how the Romans shaped the country centuries ago.

Cost of Living is cheaper

If you choose to study in a small town isn’t only your grades that will improve, but also your savings. Cost of living is usually much cheaper, as the pricing is more reasonable from groceries to renting. You will also save on public transport because many things you will be doing on foot or by bike and, as mentioned before, you will be spending much less on entertainment.

To sum up

If you decide to study in Bath, you will have many advantages on your side. You will be joining one of the best universities in the UK and also enjoy all the benefits of living in a small city, such as saving some money, witnessing the genuine English culture, and being able to focus on your studies.

But, above all, you will enjoy the possibility to live in a less stressful environment, to make new friends and to feel yourself at home again.

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