6 interesting facts about online casino

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Do you know everything about gambling?

There are some things that many gamblers have not even heard about. Online club www.slotaddicted.com/ offers to expand your horizons and learn the most interesting facts about the casino. Ready to be surprised?

1. The first online casino appeared back in 1997. Incredibly, 20 years ago, people used the Internet to play for money. The casino was created by MicroGaming network and was called Internet Casino system Version IV. Since the Internet was not widespread at that time, the gambling establishment could not boast of a large customer base and high profitability. But gradually regular players got bigger, and soon the Internet clubs were established around the world.

2. Great Britain is one of the most gambling countries. Surprising? You better! More than 3 million conservative Englishmen daily visit online casinos. The most common gambling games are poker and bingo.

3. Lottery is the most popular online casino gambling game. According to statistics, 55% of the inhabitants of our planet periodically spend money on lottery tickets.

4. Online casino is the most popular among all players. Statistics say: 90% of gamblers prefer to play online,only 10% like real gambling. At the same time, 77% of online players are not professionals, they play slots for fun. In addition, 65% of gamblers train the mind and logic with the help of games.

5. Another fact of online casino gambling is most often carried away by people who are over 30. On average, an unprofessional gambler spends 3-5 hours a day at the machine. Young people rarely visit online casinos.

6. The biggest win in the history of online casinos is 17.8 million euros. It was received by the 40-year-old player from Helsinki who placed bets in the PAF club. The winner for gambling chose Mega Fortune, his game lasted only half an hour. Well, that's really lucky!

These are the most amazing casino facts ever heard. Do you want your winnings to be mentioned or written about? Play your favorite slot machines and take the biggest prizes!