7 months away from my land…

5th Oct 2016

You know these days hunt for career and tag of growing up has become a habit for the next set of people about to represent another generation. We are racing against time to reach our destination and who knows what it is going to result, but we are racing ! Similar is my case here. I grew up somewhere else, started my ‘learn and earn’ work elsewhere with little idea where i will land up and what my next destination would be. The job which I landed up accidentally with just the idea to step towards a responsible and structured end point will continue and change the “Okay types” work to a more focused reality. Yes, indeed job brings responsibilities and carries the geometrical formulas to shape a vulnerable college pass out into the land of targets, achievements, prospects and activities which we want to get rid off daily but still it is our blessing in the form of compensation manufactured in the Mint.

It’s been approx 2.5 years I worked in my current organisation in Calcutta which is my homeland and from where me and my belongings belong. However, it reached a saturation point after these 30 months of work, work, work, promotion, too much work. Peace ! and Period. So, needed a change, needed a new life and new role to excite me. Hence I ventured out for new purview and it was Bangalore calling for my somersault in job role. It does feel strange that how come I just took that decision and got ready to leave the place of Ganga, Ilish, Bhar er chaa, Durga Pujo and what not just by a twinkle. It did not occur to me how badly I would feel the absence of the cultural power of this place once I am away from it. So finally when I was there in Bangalore it took me into those old days of charm and my mind worked as the bio-scope of flashbacks. Trust me, those were filled with stories,memories,breakup, friends, family, gatherings and own times with myself but I made it sure I don’t take it into oblivion. I feel like it could have been a blockbuster in the multiplex. Yes, memories are special like a hit movie in the theater.

Moving forward to the new city Bangalore was a marvel place to explore. It did not excite me initially because of its opposite culture with the language being stranger to my ear and my taste buds still virgin to the South Indian staple diets. I wish I was a superman of all sorts then. I plead guilty before the court of emotions and so sorry Bengal, I missed you and yearned to be back every-time I could. But, how could I stay where the length of opportunities seemed short as the potato my father bought few days back for my mother to cook. Horrible !!. I want to be here, but also I don’t want. With heavy heart i took a new turn in the path and went forward to learn the way to drive in a new role of life. However, I must say I slowly started liking my work and the place. It gave me a sense of freedom and satisfaction that I was doing something better than what I had to do before, not that it was bad but it got me saturated.

When you are away from your family and building your own blocks of routine and arrange the logs of daily chores like that of a calendar, it does experiment the inner idea of how talented you are to take care of your own. Fortunately, I did not fall down too many times and even if I did, i did not hit the wall. Its been 7 months of trial and error and success in my knowledge transfer (as they call in my office). People were impressed and guided for more which indeed catapults your confidence.

I left on 6th march and came back for a short notice hence writing on my desk in Bengal. Here today, I am back to my city of joy with no changes in the city but within me precisely on a positive note. Today while I am writing, the place is decking up gracefully for the upcoming festive season of welcoming Durga maa. Kolkata is ready and so is her soul with smiling faces and wet forehead. It is a sense of gratitude to be back to your place and rest your mind for few days not mincing for the drama of regular life.

My place is where my family is and my family is where I am. Will be back to Bangalore soon with the hope of returning back to write another piece !!

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