7 things to avoid when you are in the UK


The United Kingdom is one of the most visited countries in the world. The place offers to its travelers’ endless possibilities when it comes to enjoying life to the maximum. The beautiful country is always bursting with a fascinating history, rich cultural traditions, and exciting places to visit and explore. If your flight ticket booking to this spectacular country is confirmed, then you must enjoy every bit of your vacation. If you do not wish your trip to end in a hassle, then you must take care of these points while in the United Kingdom:

1.Making Remarks About Race: You might be surprised at the population mix of the United Kingdom. There are whites, browns, blacks and people of all norms and cultures. Therefore, you must, at all costs, refrain yourself from making any absurd comments on racism. This will only attract a handful of negative attention to your end. To top it all, you might end yourself in some big trouble as well.

2.Making Remarks About Religion: You will find the majority of the population following Christianity as their religious beliefs and practices. However, you can also find a bunch of several other religious groups including the Muslims, Jews and several others. Whatever religion you might belong to, you should never ever comment on anyone’s religious beliefs when you are in the UK.

3.American Culture Over British: The British people might take a note of your statement as this comment might hurt their patriotic sentiments. You should never gossip around the American culture invading the British. It is better to be neutral if you are a foreigner and wish your trip to end on a happy and unforgettable note, that too positively.

4.Complaining About Beer: The British people are beer lovers. When you are on your UK vacation, then you must play safe by praising the native beer of the nation. Most of them are splendid in taste. However, even if you do not like a particular taste, do not brag about it in the general public. This will only draw some surprising attention to your side. Therefore, you must avoid expressing your opinions too openly in the public.

5.Be Sensitive While Conversing: The British are soft-spoken people. When you are on your trip to the UK, you can find plentiful instances of immense gratitude and respect you will attain from them. Therefore, you must aim at reciprocating the same. Be gentle and full of gratitude in your behavior. You should also be supremely careful while talking your heart out to the British.

6.Be Careful of Your Accent: If you are not great at flaunting the proper British accent, then you must stay the natural you. Do not try to overdo the flaunting session of the British accent. You might end up ruining the entire conversation.

7.Making Fun of American Football: The natives of the UK are highly sensitive when it comes to their national sport. They tend to give immense importance to the same. Therefore, if possible, try saying only good things about their favorite sport.

Are your airways ticket confirmed to the much-awaited UK trip? Enjoy your trip to the maximum by keeping note of the points as mentioned above.

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