9 must see places in Tripura! Discover the unknown!


Are you looking to see something new and something different?

Are you adventurous enough to venture into the remotest corner of the country?

If you answered yes to these two questions the you have to give a chance to Tripura.

Tripura is one of the smallest state of India. It’s location isn’t in it’s favour either. Yet this tiny hilly state has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. Here are 9 must see places in the state:

1. Ujjayanta Palace and State Museum:

Built by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya, Ujjayanta place is the main attraction in the state capital Agartala. It is the formal royal palace of the state and now it has a newly built State Museum on the ground floor, which is a must visit to know about the people and culture of Tripura.

Location: Agartala

Accomodation: Youth hostel and several private hotels in Agartala.

2. Unakoti:

Unakoti, which means one less than a crore, is a Shiva pilgrimage with magnificent rock cravings and sculptures all around the place. It also has a water stream with water falls running through the place. Away from the city, this serene rock garden is a must visit for anyone in Tripura.

Location: 8 km from Kailashahar, 178 km from Agartala

How to get there: Take a bus from Agartala to Kailashahar. Or take train to Kumarghat and then bus or other cars to Kailashahar.

Accomodation: Government tourist accommodation called Unakoti Tourist Lodge. Or several private hotels in Kailashahar.

3. Neer Mahal:

Neer Mahal is a beautiful place built on Rudrasagar lake by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya. This Mughal inspired palace is a perfect one-day trip away from Agartala. You can also stay a night at the government run Sagar Mahal tourist lodge to enjoy the night beauty of the palace.

Location: 53 km from Agartala, 2 km from Melaghar, 20 km from Udaipur.

How to get there: Private bus or taxi from Agartala to Melaghar.

Accommodation: Government run accommodation Sagar Mahal Tourist Lodge

4. Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary and Zoo:

This huge wildlife sanctuary is home to more than 150 species of birds both native to Tripura and migratory, Spectacled monkey and many exotic flora and fauna. The main attraction is the zoo which is inside the sanctuary. You can also rent a paddle boat and ride on the lake inside the sanctuary.

Location: 25 km from Agartala.

How to get there: Best to rent a private taxi from Agartala which will take you to the entrance of the zoo.

Accomodation: Abasarika forest bungalow and cottages run by forest department.

5. Jampui Hills:

This is the highest hill range of Tripura bordering nearby Mizoram state. It’s excellent climatic condition makes it perfect for orange cultivation and it’s best to go there during the winter during the harvest season. In summer to it is beautiful with various orchid plantations. You can stay as a paying guest at the home of Lushai tribes who are the local people of this area. There are also some nice trekking trails nearby.

Location: 250 km from Agartala

Accommodation: Eden tourist lodge at Vanghmun.

6. Dumboor Lake:

This huge lake is 41 square km in size and has 48 islands in it with rich green vegetation all year around. You can take a boat on the lake and enjoy its calm water. The vast spread of blue water under the blue sky and the ranges of coconut trees will make you feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. Lots of migratory birds can also be noticed in and around the lake during different seasons.

Location: 120 km from Agartala, 31 km from Amarpur, 11 km from Jatanbari

How to get there: Private bus and taxi to Amarpur from Agartala and then to Dumboor.

Accomodation: Raima Tourist Lodge at Jatanbari

7. Chabimura or Debatamura:

This is one of the newest major tourist attraction in Tripura and still virtually unknown to outside travelers. The huge rock carvings of Hindu deities on the hill side are absolutely gorgeous. The lush green foliage around the rock carvings give this place a very mystic appeal. Take a boat onto the and you’ll be mesmerized by the huge sculptural carvings on hills both sides.

Location: 75 km from Agartala, 5 km from Amarpur

How to get there: Private bus or taxi to Amarpur and then private taxi.

Accommodation: Raima Tourist lodge at Jatanbari or several hotels and tourist lodge at Amarpur.

8. Pilak:

Pilak is the most famous archeological site of Tripura. Numerous rock-cut sculptures and terracotta plaques can be seen here scattered all around the place. There sculptures include several gods and goddesses of Hinduism and Buddhism. It is believed that these are from 8th to 12th century C.E.

Location: 100 km from Agartala, 61 km from Udaipur, 2 km from Jolaibari.

How to get there: Bus to Santibazar or Jolaibari and the private taxi.

Accommodation: Government run Pilak Tourist Lodge and other private hotels.

9. Tripura Sundari Temple:

Tripura Sundari temple or better known as Matabari is the most holy place in the state. It is situated on a small hillock near Udaipur. According to Hindu mythology, this is one of the 51 holiest ‘Shaktipeeths’ (Shrine of the goddess of power) in India. Everyday several people come to worship here.

Location: Udaipur

How to get there: Bus or private taxi to Udaipur. There also a local train running from Agartala to Udaipur

Accommodation: Government run Gomati Yatri Niwas at Udaipur.