Alcohol Flush Solution for Asians


People who live in China, Japan, and Korea commonly experience red flushes after they consume alcoholic beverages or beers. Since it is experienced by citizens in East Asia, the syndrome was termed Asian glow or Asian flush. The occurrence of such is related to a deficiency of a gene that is responsible for producing the enzyme ALDH2. The enzyme is liable for breaking down the toxic product of alcohol known as aldehyde. Since the product is not broken down, it accumulates in the person's body. Since the body recognizes the products as foreign, it reacts and combats them. The body's defense mechanism is manifested by the appearance of red spots or flushes. At times, people also experience headaches and nausea.

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The occurrence of the syndrome has daunted the lives of some people experiencing such. Some of them already started making excuses every time they are invited to have a drink after work. Some even stopped socializing with their friends because they do not want to be teased anymore. Since their lives have already been greatly affected, some of them started looking for a solution. They would try to wash their faces every time they are out and experience reddening and hot flushes. Most of them even started consulting doctors with the hope that there is a treatment for it. The good news is that there are experts who understand the troubles that they are going through.

With the popularity of dietary and nutritional supplements, some companies started developing ones for Asian glow or Asian flush. These products, however, should be considered as an Asian flush or Asian glow cure. It is a pill that can prevent or lessen the appearance of the symptoms so that people can enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages without worries. Most of these products attack the aldehyde that has been produced by alcohol. Thus, it performs the function of the enzyme ALDH2 that missing in the genes of Asians. Although these products are not checked by FDA, the one manufactured by the SQL Laboratories were developed by strictly following the guidelines set by the body. Such was named Sunset.

One feature that makes it stand out amongst the rest is that it targets the main cause of the problem and not just the symptom. In addition, it is also able to maintain the health of the liver. The product is considered safe since it is made from natural and pure ingredients. Its pharmaceutical grade assures that all its components are free from fillers, binders, dyes, and any unknown contents. Similarly, the capsule that surrounds the powdered ingredients is made from a vegetable gelatin and is also free from gluten, dairy, and soy. Thus, people who have certain food allergies and vegetarians can also use the product. The manufacturer recommends that the pill be taken half an hour before consuming any alcohol. In cases wherein they forget to take it and flushes start to appear, they can consume such.

People who like to purchase the product will be happy to know that Sunset can be shipped internationally. Similarly, the shipping fee will be complimentary when they purchase at least three bottles. Another good news is that they can return the product if effectiveness is not seen within 30 days of use.

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