All Four Outdoors Climb Snowdon

10th Mar 2017

The team from All Four Outdoors set off in mid March to tick a bucketlist item off for one Aussie and his dog. Lumping our gear in the back of my trusty old Audi we pootled off up the motorway to Bryn Gloch caravan park just outside Beddgelert, Wales, at the foot of Snowdon.

Arriving late on Friday night, we cruised into the campsite, rapidly pitched our tents and headed to the pub for dinner. Stephen was using one of our lightweight 1 man tents, Wendy and I were sharing one of our two person dome tents, and Dan was using, from memory, a Vango two man. Stephen doesn't camp much if at all and was quite impressed with his little number - how compact it packed down, how easy it was to put up, and how well designed it was. He was even more excited when he found the built in phone pocket in his down sleeping bag!!! Haha!

Waking up the next morning, mostly rested (camping with Wendy isn't always a peaceful experience!), I was super excited to get cracking! Coming from Aus, I haven't done a lot of climbing/mountainous terrain bits and pieces so eager was an understatement! Some would say that Snowdon barely counts and with more experience, I'll probably agree with them to some extent. Having said that, reaching the upper reaches around Bwlch Main with 30-40 mph winds and 3 to 4 ft of snow on the path... it's a little different to going for a bushwalk in Queensland!

For anyone looking to climb Snowdon, the route we took was the Rhyd Ddu path. With decent hiking boots on and hiking poles if you're carrying a heavy pack or there's snow expected, it's not too bad a track. We did our return trip in 6 and a half hours and would have been quicker but Stephen was wearing silly shoes.

Day 2

Once we reached the snow line around 700m Wendy was in her element! Bounding around like a lunatic, digging and rolling in the snow, she was having a fat time! Trying to hold onto her while slipping and sliding around however was a little more nerve wracking!

As you can see and here from the clips, visibility wasn't great unfortunately but for a first experience, it was pretty damn cool!!!

I'd just like to point out, the enroute video below took several attempts to keep swearing, fits of giggles and irish banter out of! And on a side note, that Thatcher's isn't mine!

Day 1

Most importantly, when we did reach the summit, Wendy was, at least for a moment, the highest terrestrially grounded dog in England, Ireland or Wales. Pretty cool huh???

All in all we had a great trip. It was good to get out of the office, cheap and we got to do something completely outside of our day to day.

Cost wise:


Bryn Gloch Campsite = £22 per person, £24 with a dog for the two nights


Cloud Up 1 Man Tent = £62

NatureHike 2 Man Ultralight Silicone Dome tent = £69

D280 Down filled sleeping bag = £59

Double Sleeping bag (Wendy and I shared this with an ultralight summer bag over the top) = £36.99

Ultralight Summer sleeping bag = £19.99

NatureHike 70L Pack = £79

Food & Fuel:

Day 2

We ate at a mixture of pubs and grabbed bits from the local store in Waunfawr. It did seem that the pubs/cafes don't really have much on offer this time of year, waiting on peak season but we really enjoyed our meal at the Saracens Head Hotel. On our way back we also pulled in at the Aleppo Inn for Sunday lunch. This was easily our best meal of the trip and looked like it would be a cracking pub of an evening as well!

Day 3

Fuel wise, I'm afraid my old beast is a bit of a shocker so the trip as a whole cost around £220 (we only drove from Exeter - 600 mile round trip).

If anyone has any questions about the trip, the kit or would be interested in joining us on our next adventure - please don't hesitate to get in touch either directly here or via the contact us page on the All Four Outdoors website.

Thanks for reading!

Sean, Wendy, Stephen and Dan

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