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Advice to travelers:

Save time and money with our advice from experienced travelers. Take a look at our Travel Insurance Travel blog postings, our tips for finding a cheaper airline ticket, our flight comparator tests and new mobile apps, as well as our rental tips. car in France and the rest of the world, etc.

We travel regularly by plane, train or car. Based on these experiences, we decided to help you plan your trip and offer you all our tips and advice to travelers on this page. From the school holiday calendar to tips on how to buy your cheapest plane ticket online, from travel insurance to destination inspirations month by month, from the ideal travel pharmacy kit to our best car rental tips, you'll never miss out. no advice to travelers.

It is strongly recommended to follow the advice given in the Safety section to ensure your personal safety. The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, however, can not make the final decision on the cancellation or maintenance of your trip; this decision belongs to you.

The Last Minutes section alerts you to recent events that could have an impact on your security. Reading the Security section, even in the presence of a Last Minute, remains imperative to have a risk overview and know the recommendations.

In addition, between the booking of the trip and the departure, the situation of a country can change. Check the cancellation conditions of your trip, especially in case of deteriorating security conditions in your destination country.

Find a cheap hotel anywhere in the world

Drop your friends

Traveling alone may seem intimidating at first, but it gives you a real chance to dive into your journey. On a solo trip, I made friends for life, learned a new language, and had amazing experiences.

Always travel with a hoodie

Even though they have become the uniform of young teens, hoodies remain excellent clothes for traveling. Put on your hood, and retreat from the world of sound and light to sleep on a flight / seat / airport bus.

And then, we thought that depending on your travel destination, you might need even more advanced travel tips like practical advice. All you need to know about how to get around and around certain cities of the world how to book your train ticket, the formalities to be completed on certain borders like between Thailand and Cambodia, and many others practical guides are waiting for you a little lower. We hope that all this advice to travelers will help you in any case better to travel independently. You can find many more tips according to your destination by consulting the page of all our destinations.

In all circumstances, use common sense, be careful and watchful, observe and respect the customs, customs and laws of the country visited.

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