Amsterdam- the land of canals, Heineken, the Anne Frank museum and SO much more!

9th May 2017

Well, my title does obviously not do justice to the fabulous, vibrant city that is Amsterdam. The city with the beautiful palace, countless canals, the Heineken beer factory, the Anne Frank museum, the cafes and coffee shops. There is so much to do in Amsterdam that in my opinion there isn't a single article which can do this city justice.

My first visit to this city last year made me fall in love with Amsterdam. There is something for everyone to do there. Sightseeing spots such as the Royal Palace, the Rijksmuseum, The Van Gogh Museum, the Jewish Quarter, the Anne Frank Museum (this list goes on), for the people who want to experience the history and culture. The Heineken experience for all those who love beer, Vondelpark to chill after a busy day of sightseeing/ shopping or even a crazy night of partying! You can also visit the Keukenhof gardens to get high on the tulips which are in every color! There were so many colors, it was so pretty. There is so much more to do in this city. Shoppers have a lot of options in the Dam Square, where there are retail stores and the department stores as well. The Red Light district is also worth a visit, for there are several great cafes in that neighbourhood too.

The highlight of my trip was the visit to the Anne Frank museum, quite an emotional tour it was, going through the rooms where they were living in, while in hiding. Would recommend this to everyone, even if you haven't read Anne's diary. Book online two months in advance though, they sell out fast.

Another thing that fascinated me was the broad daylight at 8-8:30pm in the evening! Gave me more time to explore the city and experience the local life, which is what millennials like me do on their trips.

The nightlife is another thing that Amsterdam is very well known for. I found the alcohol to be quite reasonably priced there. Unleash your wild side there, quite like Rani from the Bollywood film Queen! (sorry not sorry for the Bollywood reference )

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