An awestruck Unplanned Trip: Chakrata


It was mid of June when we all were planning for a trip, 5 of us made a WhatsApp group and

had lot of views and everyone has various places in Mind. The one and only striking place

was Chakrata – Queen of Hills.

We started about 1100Hrs from Delhi ohh yes it was mid night road trip we started to


We reached Chakrata early morning crossing Delhi / Eating on the way.

The road leads from Doon to Chakrata is one of the Steepest road of Uttarakhand & on

highest elevation.

One must be careful specially if you’re riding a bike or driving a small car.

As this was an unplanned trip hence the hotel was not pre-booked, we had to search for the

same. Finally got a hotel and opted for a Family room, Rested for some time.

We stayed in Green well hotel in a family room quite big for 5 of us, freshen up & headed

towards tiger falls. This place was one of the unexplored place a year before but it was fully

crowded this time.

Otherwise this is one of the best place for those who are looking for peace & moderate level

of Trekking. One can opt for a cycle and ride through the forest to explore more hidden


We enjoyed the chilled waterfall which is known as one of the Highest waterfall. It is said that

the name Tiger fall has been given as the falling water sounds like a roaring tiger.

Liquor is no allowed at all in any of the nearby area of the fall.

There are changing rooms for male and female both.

The parking area and the fall is about 1km, you need to climb 150 stairs for the same.

The day was coming to an end on the way back we enjoyed Maggi at one of the small pit


We set one of the nearest small waterfall and talked for an hour or so.

Around 5 in the evening we all headed toward the hotel had some Hot Tea and Pakoras.

The evening snacks were served out side of the hotel which has the mountain view and it

was dazzling which was cherry on the ice cream.

The evening was well spent #Chats #Drinks #playing cards #Friends #mountain view#

Raining #cool breeze #lovely weather.

So, it rained whole of the evening, Night and next morning as well hence we could not go

anywhere. We had to miss the caves, around 11:00am we had to go back towards Doon so

that we can reach Delhi before the office timings.

Immediately after a km from the hotel land sliding started & we were stuck for 3 hours there

it was 3:00pm when we crossed the lands sliding area. We had no choice we moved

towards Doon looking at the time frame. By the time we reached doon it was 1700Hrs. I

have been to Doon lot of time but never got a chance to see “Ghuchu Pani “which is known

as water cave. It closes at 1900hrs but we managed to go there.

Late evening, we headed to a friend’s place and left from Doon around 2000Hrs.

The routine life started after an amazing trip.

Photo of An awestruck Unplanned Trip: Chakrata 1/3 by Anshu
Photo of An awestruck Unplanned Trip: Chakrata 2/3 by Anshu
Photo of An awestruck Unplanned Trip: Chakrata 3/3 by Anshu
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