An Escape to Mt Abu

25th Jan 2017
Photo of An Escape to Mt Abu 1/2 by subham dhar
Photo of An Escape to Mt Abu 2/2 by subham dhar

Mont Abu is an exotic escape for peoples staying in Gujarat. The trip can be started from Ahmedabad, Baroda or any place of the state. I took a 2nd seating ticket from Ahmedabad to Abu road by Ajmer intercity. The ticket will not cost you more than 100 rupees. the journey is of 4 hours till you reach Abu road. Then take a private cab from AbuRoad to Mt Abu and that will cost you at most 60 rupees individually. You will also find Public Vehicles to Mt Abu. There you will find very cheap hotels if you book online, or you might also opt for Direct check-in. Check the time when you check in,as you will have time to go the Sunset point and hope around the street market till night. A wise advice, if you want to have alcohol ; do buy it before 8 pm. After that you will find it hard to find and it will be double the base price. Next morning get up early and book a private 2 wheeler and he will give you the guide to visit the places all day. Places include : Guru Shikkar, Dilwara Temple, Bhramahkumari Museum, Honeymoon point, Nakki Lake and many more places. This is absolute bliss to move around the whole day and at the end have a beer and prepare to pack out next morning. Thus if you are planning for a very short Getaway, Mt abu is the best place to visit.

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