4th Nov 2016

my name is tony,im from kerala (kochi) ,this is my 1st experience in my life. on 4th novmber im returning to kerala from bangalore east,im arrived banglore on 2nd novembr for to see my frnd @there on 4th november he return me on banglore cantonment station.. i have only an 300rs to go kerala frnd gone to his home.and i reached the railway station and check the next train to kerala that's on 5;00 pm.and my tension started from there because of train is very late ,unknown place,unkown peoples i dont know anybody,and an fear thing is my phone charge is reduced to phone have no balance,i dont know the languages to speak them,only know english and malyalam language..the train @ 5:00pm i didnt eat anything from morning..! from morning 9;0o am im walk and walk on railway station.have only 300rs ,no way to go on buses or any transportation only train.! some times later i thinked to check the bank balance and i found a atm near railway station. i checked and have only an 500rs ,i taked the cash and walking through the streets of cantonment road,rickshaw bhaiyas are calling me so many times and they tell where you want to go...i didnt mind them and walk and stomach make so many soundss..i have only an 800rs to go to kerala ,and i asked some people where i get the kerala buses and they answered you want to go mysore satellite bus stand...approxmiately 9.8kms ,and i dont know have to enter which bus..! some times later i asked another person and he told a bus number and i entered into that bus..! and finally reached in satetlitte bus stand,stomach maked big big sounds and my mind is that have to return to home.and finally i got kerala bus counter enquired rate will be 780rs ,i have only 800rs.and balance have only 20rs..i have no plans finally i taked the tickets and entered into fone switched off,my heart beats,my stomach sound totally im screwed..! have only 20rs i buy a little hearts biscuit packet and drinked the coffee ..! bus moved ..other peoples are eating their foods and they buyed packets of lays,cheetos and other foods it make me hungryy person .and so many times i prayed that anyone please give any food for me ..nobody came.and i sleeped .i waked and the the bus reached @ mysore bus stand..! no money ..! and the bus stoped @there for 10 looking all shops and they writtend  boards biriyani for 80rs only/- suddenly i closed my eyes and wait for 10 minutes for to move the bus..!! hours and hours gone last i reached @ cochin the time be 1pm.. and from there i want to go home itz have 14kms from money last i waked waked so many distance last i lift a banana van and reached @ my home..and my sadness gone..fone charged and eat a lot..!

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