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Are You Ready for a Vacation?
Duration: 14 Days

Who doesn’t need a vacation every now and then?
Whether you are on vacation now or planning one in the coming weeks and months of summer, picking the right destination and which activities you want to enjoy along the way are of course important.
That said your vacation plans typically get off to a better start when you have put some time and effort into properly planning them.
With that being the case, are you ready for a vacation?

Water, Mountains, Plus so Much More

Where exactly you will go this summer is of course up to you, but getting there and enjoy the activities once there doesn’t have to be a major project. In fact, kick back and relax, enjoying all summer has to offer.

Among your options:

• Water – Millions of people nationwide (including many families) will head for the lakes, rivers, creeks, beaches, resorts and more over the next few months, looking to cool off in the process. If you’re one of those countless people, what outdoor activities are you planning on? For those who like a little adventure, the options are literally endless. One can go scuba diving, surfing, fishing, take to a paddle board via an Atoll inflatable SUP, take a quick swim, and more. No matter which choice or choices you make, be sure you have water safety as a top priority. Given the various accidents that can take place in a body of water, it behooves everyone to respect the oceans, rivers, lakes and other areas sporting water. Finally, also do not forget to account for everyone if you hit the water with a large group of people. After a day of frolicking (and perhaps a few cool beverages), individuals can become tired and even a little disoriented. If you are in areas of water with currents, swells, riptides etc. be sure you practice water safety at all times. At any point where you feel tired and/or dehydrated, remove yourself from the water immediately;

• Mountains – Are the mountains calling you for a family getaway this summer? One of the things that many people like about a trip to the mountains is that it is typically cooler there in the summertime. Instead of dealing with the heat and humidity that can be so prevalent in the city and/or the countryside, the mountains offer a relaxing and cooler alternative. If you are opting for a mountains getaway, remember that there can be some risks there too. The same rules of water safety apply if you are doing any swimming or boating-related activities. You also need to be on the alert for animals, not to mention bugs. Ticks can prove a big problem in mountain areas, something everyone (including animals) want to avoid. Also take note that there is typically less medical assistance available in mountain areas as there is in the cities and/or beach communities. It is always good to have a decent first-aid kit on you at all times. Also do not forget that even though you likely have a cell phone on your person, you may get limited or no reception up in the mountains, so be prepared for that eventuality;

• Home – Can staying at home this summer really prove to be a vacation? You might in fact be surprised at the millions of people across the country that will do just that. Whether it is to save some money, avoid the hustle and bustle of the airports and roadways, or to just walk a few yards to the backyard pool and/or patio; countless individuals and families have no problem calling home their summertime vacation destination. If you are one of them, remember to practice some of the same safety measures you would do away from home. This means making sure little kids are not alone by swimming pools or Jacuzzis, you avoid excessive drinking to the point where you could suffer a nasty fall on your property, and you don’t overdo it when it comes to too much time spent in the sun.

Given all summer has to offer (and it goes so quickly too), make sure you are ready for some sort of a vacation coming up.

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