Australian Coastal Gems: Unveiling 11 Gorgeous Beaches To Explore


With over 12,000 beaches around its coastline, Australia is arguably the place to go for a beach break - from tropical havens to rugged coves. Clear blue and turquoise waters, soft sand and incredible surf are just a few things travellers can enjoy at one of these iconic Aussie beaches.

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1. Bondi Beach, Sydney, New South Wales - Bondi Beach is an iconic beach known for the thousands of tourists it attracts every year. Its proximity to the city and the golden sands are what make it one of the must-visit spots when visiting Sydney. One can spot a lot of surfers, who regularly head out early in the day to surf the tides. You can also learn how to surf here with experts and experience the beach in a whole new wonder. One can even grab an oceanside seat in the evenings in one of the many bustling bars and eateries.

Photo of Australian Coastal Gems: Unveiling 11 Gorgeous Beaches To Explore by Tourism Australia

2. Shelly Beach, Sydney, New South Wales - Whilst Manly is a must-visit for those heading to Sydney (a great spot for surfers and swimmers in Sydney’s Northern Beaches), Shelly Beach is a small cove that’s always a favourite with locals. A short walk from Manly's main beach, this is a great spot for families, with sheltered parts for a swim, incredible snorkelling spots and cafes nearby to grab a bite to eat.

3. Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, New South Wales - Hyams Beach, in the Jervis Bay area (just over a 3-hour drive south of Sydney), holds the Guinness Book of Records for having the whitest sand in the world and is a truly stunning spot. Those heading to Jervis Bay should also check out the lesser-known Honeymoon Bay, a small cove with turquoise blue waters.

4. Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Victoria - Located in Port Phillip Bay, Brighton Beach is renowned for being the most photographed beach in Melbourne. Brighton Beach is located approximately 12 kilometers southeast of the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD).The colourful rainbow bathing boxes that stand at the shores of Brighton Beach, are uniform and distinctive in their colours and pattern and form the highlight of the beach, looking stunning with the sun hitting their surfaces at different times. It makes for an ideal spot for family picnics and date nights.

5. Bells Beach, Torquay, Victoria - This is one for the surfers, with Bells Beach renowned for its epic swells and surf community, whilst being home to the Rip Curl Pro surf comp. For those not up to getting on a board, Torquay and the surrounding beach towns along the Great Ocean Road offer stunning calmer bays for those just wanting a dip - all just an hour and a half away from Melbourne.

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6. Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland - Surfers Paradise Beach, located in the city of Gold Coast, offers a vast stretch of 2 kilometres of golden sand, and gigantic waves. For those who have to ride the waves on their bucket list, the beach also offers surfing lessons and surfboards. This stunning beach is surrounded by night markets, beach-side accommodations and some great dining options for relaxation after an enthralling day. Surfers Paradise is indeed known for its vibrant nightlife and is a popular party destination, with numerous bars, nightclubs, and entertainment venues catering to partygoers.

7. Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Queensland - Burleigh Heads in the Gold Coast is a must-visit destination for beach lovers. It boasts remarkable beaches with crystal clear waters ideal for swimming and surfing, along with beachfront dining and stunning views of the shore. First-time surfers even have the option to book a private surfing lesson with former world professional surfer, Michael Barry. In addition to its beautiful beaches and excellent surf conditions, visitors to Burleigh Heads can enjoy a remarkable view of the skyline of Gold Coast, making it a great place to relax and take in the scenery.

8. Noosa Heads, Noosa, Queensland - Noosa Heads, located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, is a destination that offers something for everyone. Renowned for its expansive beaches, stylish shops, and delicious foodie scene, it's a perfect place to unwind and relax. First-time surfers and beach-goers can’t go wrong with Noosa Main Beach, whilst those who want to catch larger surf can join the locals at Little Cove Beach, which is also a great spot for a beautiful sunset. Visitors looking for an adventure can also drive along the 100-mile beach, where you can drive on the beach and take in the stunning coastal scenery.

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9. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland - Whilst this might be one of the most famous Queensland beaches, it’s still one that’s worth the journey, being among the top 10 beaches in the world. Located in the stunning Whitsunday Islands, accessible via a cruise from Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island, this is a beach where white sand swirls together with turquoise water. Whitehaven Beach's sand doesn't absorb heat, so even during the warmest part of the day in the tropical environment, visitors may stroll down the coastline without getting their feet too heated.

10. Rottnest Island, Western Australia - With 63 beaches to choose from on this small island, just a short ferry ride from Perth, Rottnest Island is a beach-hopping haven. Whether you’re looking for a spot to relax, surf or grab that famous Quokka selfie, the white sands and turquoise coast of Rottnest really have it all. Our favourites include Little Parakeet, The Basin and Little Armstrong Bay.

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11. Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, Tasmania - Wineglass Bay is one of Tasmania’s most notable beaches. Located among the wild beauty of Freycinet National Park, it's a perfectly curved wineglass-shaped cove of white sand bordered by blue waters. Although you can walk to the beach itself, one of the most beautiful ways to enjoy the beach is from a lookout above the bay.

Experience the no-worries Aussie attitude by chilling at some of these must-visit beaches in Australia, that exude calm and relaxation all year around, where you are sure to find a calm and quiet spot all for yourself. Ride the waves and learn how to surf on the bright blue waters and lie down on the soft golden sands to immerse yourself in the true Australian beach culture.