Beach Trip: Planning The Most Memorable Family Vacation


People love the feeling of the sun kissing their shoulders and the sand romancing their toes. Everyone’s excited, but how about parents with rowdy and raucous toddlers and kids?

The beach is still the top vacation destination around the world, according to travel website Expedia. The beach is extremely popular, whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, a group of friends, or a family. Planning a family vacation at the beach is always a happy and exciting undertaking. But with so many things to consider, especially if you have kids, things can get a little draining and grueling.

A family vacation at the beach is always something that is worth looking forward to. It never fails to be a highlight. So don’t sweat over the little things, such as planning. Here is a guide in planning a family vacation. Who knows, maybe you’ll even enjoy this rather exhausting task.

What does everyone want to do?

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As soon as you have settled on hitting the beach, move on with the things to consider when planning a family vacation, such as asking everyone what they want to do. Each beach resort offers different activities and amenities. If one of the kids likes the pool more than the beach, make sure there’s a kiddie pool in your shortlist of resorts. If you have teens who want to explore marine life, make sure the resort offers a wide range of water activities, not to mention safe. Make sure there are lifeguards and the waters are generally calm.

Knowing what everyone wants to do will make it easier for everyone to decide which beach or resort to book. This also ensures that there is something to keep everyone busy so that everyone will have a great time.

Go beyond sunscreen

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Your family will need more than just sunscreen. Don’t forget to pack the family’s first-aid kit. Pack all the emergency medicines you might need. A vacation with someone getting an upset stomach will surely upset everyone. Also, before you book a hotel in the resort or beach, check if they have a clinic or a standby nurse in case of an emergency.

Set a budget (and stick to it)

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Don’t splurge all of your life’s earnings for one legendary beach vacation. Be reasonable. One way to enjoy the vacation is being assured that once it is over, you can still pay the bills. When you budget, include all transportation expenses, airport taxes, rental car fees, meals, activities, and even shopping for souvenirs. It would also help to inquire if there are ATMs in the area or if the hotel or resort accepts credit card payments. Remember, swiping those cards is just for emergency.

Off the beaten path

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Among the most useful tips on planning a memorable beach family vacation is to make sure you all have time for each other. A vacation where mom is at the spa or in the room reading a book, dad is at the bar, and the kids are busy with activities is not a “family” trip at all. Why not have some “staycation” time at the beach? The most popular beaches usually take pride in their kilometric stretches of white sand and beach parties, but you don’t have to take part in those all the time. As much as possible, book a hotel that is peaceful and quiet where you can all stare at the sunset as you have your family dinner in the balcony or patio. Take time to rest. Choose an accommodation that allows everyone to sit back and relax when they want to.

Download a beach app

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As Jarvis is to Iron Man, a smartphone is to mortals like you. Yes, your smartphone can help you with practically anything now, even planning a family vacation at the beach. One way to enjoy a hassle-free beach planning is by downloading helpful apps for beachgoers. If you are going to Boracay, one of the gorgeous beaches in the world, download an app that will help you book the best accommodation in Boracay. There’s also an app that lets you sync all your plans with the rest of the group, gives you a list of the best local destinations and activities, helps you find the best restaurants, or keeps you fit while you’re away. Don’t forget the apps that help you capture the best beach photos.

Travel as light as you can

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It’s different when you travel with the whole family. You can’t just pack your swimwear and your favorite summer dress. You have so many things to bring with you, or so you thought. Stick to the essentials when making a list of all the things you’ll pack. You don’t want to be looking for your hotel while pulling two oversized luggages, carrying heavy tote bags, and holding your child’s hand at the same time. If you want a hassle-free vacation, start with light packing. If you are only going to be away for the weekend, two sets of swimwear, a sleepwear, and some comfortable shirts and shorts are all the kids will need.

Practice green travel

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Vacations are a perfect time to teach valuable lessons about the environment. With a stunning body of water in front of them, it would be easier to tell the kids to take care of natural resources and preserve the wonders of the world so that kids like them will also enjoy the same thing.

Travel with reusable water bottles so you don’t have to buy bottled water every time. Bring a reusable tote bag and encourage everyone to keep their trash there if they can’t find a trash bin in the area. Teach the kids to follow rules.

Going on a beach family vacation is not only a fun bonding experience for everyone. It is also a good time to teach valuable lessons about family, life, and the environment. The benefits of being together on vacations beat all the hassles that usually start at the planning stages. But with the proper mindset, you can also say goodbye to the draining process of planning and say hello to a truly remarkable family escapade.

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