Best Beach Locations For A Destination Wedding

Photo of Best Beach Locations For A Destination Wedding by Ram Vaas

Among the how, when and what of weddings, the one factor that holds the power to elevate your special day to fairytale status is the ‘where’. Imagine taking your wedding vows against the breathtaking backdrop of a beautiful Sri Lankan beach, in the company of your favourite people as you enjoy the ultimate vacation. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Here’s a list of 4 pristine Sri Lankan beaches perfect for a destination wedding:

Hikkaduwa Beach: If the sunny side of life could be a place, it’d be called Hikkaduwa beach. The ultra popular beach town is the ideal destination for an exciting wedding, full of sand, sun and tons of fun. Hikkaduwa also offers a very happening nightlife, giving you the perfect opportunity to go out for a fun night with your buddies before you get hitched. Organising a wedding here would be relatively easy, since the place is quite ‘touristy’ and you can be sure to find ample help.

Bentota Beach: Famous for its tropical warm weather and clear blue waters, Bentota is a beautiful beach situated 62 kilometer from Colombo. Dive into wedding feels with a romantic boat ride along the Bentota River followed by a mesmerising wedding ceremony by the beach. To blow off some wedding stress, make a short visit to Bopath Ella, one of the most scenic waterfalls in Sri Lanka - located just about two hours from Bentota.

Polhena Beach: If you’re looking to organise a classic beachside wedding, Polhena beach in Matara should be your go-to choice. Made special with coral reef spread over a stretch of 4 kilometres, Polhena is one of the few beaches that are considered safe and suitable for swimming. Alongside a number of water sports, turtle watching is a must-do activity here. Based on the experience and vibe you’re looking for, you can either choose to base your guests at a Polhena beach hotel or rent an exclusive, luxurious villa such as Yoho Ferola Lane.

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Mirissa Beach: Nature’s bounty at its best, Mirissa beach is located in Matara District, around 150 kilometres from Colombo. The spectacular crescent beach is nestled in the midst of abundant greenery and is especially popular for dolphin and whale watching. But this is not to say that Mirissa attracts only those in the quest for zen-like charm and peaceful vibes. With its increasing popularity, Mirissa is slowly emerging as a party hotspot for young travellers, looking to have a good time in one of the most stunning beaches of Sri Lanka.

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