Best wine taste, learn about wines in Bangalore nearby- Detailed video of Big banyan vineyard visit


Detailed Big banyan vineyard visit video

It's a wonderful experience destination for not just wine enthusiasts, but for all. Good ambiance, good wines, and a place where you find peace. We spent a couple of hours in the vineyard. We had a really awesome experience. It is worth a visit.

You get to know the process of winemaking with a guided tour of the production facility by the wine experts followed by wine tasting at the visitors center and a fabulous lunch at the vineyard farmhouse.

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Making wines may be fine art, but the magic lies in the lusciousness of the grape.

Our vineyard is located to the south of Bengaluru, just outside the city. The red clay soil and the mildly nippy weather with bursts of sunshine are perfect for some of the varietals we cultivate here. Lucio Matricardi, our winemaker, has handpicked a crew of farmers and trained them in the subtle nuances of viticulture. Together, they tend to our vines, prune them, nurture them, wait for the ripe moment and pluck the grapes for our winery.

We also source certain grape varietals from select vineyards in Nashik and Ramanagar. The terroir of these vineyards gives the grapes grown here a distinct flavour, which in turn is reflected brilliantly in our wines.

The winery

After the grapes are harvested, they are taken to our wineries with utmost care. While our first winery was set up in Goa, we have launched a new winery in Bengaluru recently.

Our wineries are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to handle the winemaking process – from crushing to pressing, fermentation, clarification, and aging. After undergoing our meticulous quality checks, the wines are finally bottled and prepared for you.


Winery Division – 2, Survey No. 8/1,

Chunchunkuppe Village, Tavarekere Hobli,

Bengaluru South Taluk,

Bengaluru Urban – 562130.

Love wine? Love chocolates? Now have the best of both worlds with this wine and chocolate pairing guide.

But wine and chocolate are considered one of the most difficult pairings. In fact, some folks believe it cannot be done at all! This is because their components (specifical tannins) can create imbalance and clash with each other. So essentially, it boils down to balance – that’s actually the basic rule of any wine pairing. Balance the tastes – sweet/bitter/sour, etc. of the food group and wine, and you’ve got it!

Let’s take a look at some of the nuances of flavour then, and discover what wine goes with which variety of chocolate.

Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Flavoured Chocolate

Pairing wine with chocolate is an art – and a unique one as it depends on individual palates. However, the most important thing for wine enthusiasts is to enjoy and appreciate the flavors. So if things look too complicated, just remember these points and you’d seldom go wrong:

Pick a wine sweeter than the chocolate

Avoid dry red wine at all costs

Opt for a similar style and weight

Wine Tour Timings

We are open from Wed-Mon.

The wine tours run in slots every hour starting from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The winery and vineyard will remain CLOSED on Tuesdays.

Here’s to experimentation! Cheers!

The Big Banyan Experience

At the vineyards, you can choose from 2 different types of tours:

Basic Tour:

In this package, you will follow the journey of the grape with a detailed tour of the vineyards and winery with our wine expert. This tour does not include any tasting of wine.

Rs. 332 per head

(Rs. 250 + 18% GST)

Wine Tasting Package:

This package includes the tour of the journey of the grape from vineyard to glass. The tour begins with a guided walk through the vineyards, a detailed tour, an explanation of the winemaking process in the winery, and ending with an elaborate wine tasting.

The wines you’ll taste are:

L’angoor white wine

L’angoor red wine

1 Big Banyan white wine

Big Banyan Rosa Rossa (Rose wine)

1 Big Banyan red wine

Bellissima (Dessert wine)

Rs. 767 per head

(Rs. 650 + 18% GST)

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