Billie Eilish just dropped a sustainable clothing line with 


Billie Eilish had one among the most important years in music in 2019, but she's not known only for her musical prowess. The 18-year-old "bad guy" singer features a Billieeilishmerchandise look all her own, too, known for her unique fashion sense and love of neon green. But there's one cause that's even nearer to Billie's heart than looking fresh: tackling the climate crisis. So it's no surprise that she's working alongside H&M to debut a sustainable merch collection supported her own looks and emblazoned together with her own custom logo.

The collaboration went live January 2 and consistent with H&M, it's made entirely from sustainable materials. And Eilish's signature slime green is seen all throughout this "accessible yet edgy" collection, which H&M debuted during a special blog post on its official storefront.

"We’re super excited about this merch collection drop. Billie Eilish is clearly an inspiring artist but also someone tons of individuals round the world admire for her personal style and empowering way of expressing her values. we would like to enable her fans to step into her world and feel empowered to freely express their style also ," said Emily Bjorkheim, H&M’s Head of Design Divided, in said post.


Fans can expect a good sort of clothing: hoodies, long T-shirts, sweatshirt dresses, joggers, bucket hats, and more. Each are available a color palette of cream, peach, neon green, and black – mirroring what Billie herself might wear. There aren't plenty of variations, but what's there should please Billie's legions of admirers across the planet , also as offer easy concert attire options.

Many of the pieces follow the standard H&M pricing model. as an example , joggers run $29.99, while a printed waist pack is $17.99. An extra-long T-shirt dress is $24.99. Howver, there aren't a spread of sizes which will fit all fans — most items only go up to an XL.

What really matters here is that the materials the clothing is formed from. as an Billie Eilish Hoodie example , the rib-knit hat was created from 100% Perspex cell cast acrylic, which may be recycled and reused for almost any purpose. The T-shirt dress is 100% cotton, which is renewable and biodegradable.

This isn't the primary step Billie has taken to form strides toward giving back to the environment. She previously offered her fans free concert tickets in exchange for his or her promises to fight global climate change , so this is often just subsequent logical step. She's even working to form her entire tour more sustainable.