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We are so busy competing against the world right from reserving that table in our favourite diner to getting that admission in a so called best university, then getting yourself placed in an agency or corporate and so on... Tired! Always in a hurry, so much that we forget to even take a beautiful breath and look around. All we do is run. Run in a race where no one knows what's happening and where we are heading. Give yourself a break from that mundane life, give yourself a chance to know what you exactly want and what your heart wants to do. Travel, Travel Solo

Solo travelling is often looked upon as a person is a loner; has no social life or is a douche. But wait! Solo travelling is taking a courageous step towards connecting with your inner self. Loneliness will pass.

Travel alone, understand what is it that you genuinely want for yourself. It makes you to connect with yourself like never before. Do what you truly want to do and not because someone has asked you to do. Before you enjoy with someone else; entertain yourself- make yourself laugh, go out and grab a drink in that unknown place, all by yourself. Learn something new. Go for that concert where you are not known; talk to people, let your hair down and dance alone in that crowd. Go to that shady place, go trekking with random people you just met, you never know a new beautiful story life has sketched for you. Make those fears your strength and overcome them, so courageously that you fall in love with a new you. Travel. Keep your insecurities, fears and anxiety at bay, give them away to the sea. Take a stroll on the beach all by yourself. Collect those shells, put your creativity at your best with the sand, sit there watching the reflection of the moon on the waves that are coming towards you. Embrace yourself for a beautiful life.

Explore a new city in a public transport, look at the beauty that nature has to show you. Let go off your baggage and learn to live with freedom from all the inhibitions that impeded you to getting close with yourself. Travel. Witness different cultures and traditions, sit with the locals and listen to their stories, share your stories; it is always fun and it widens your knowledge.

Go camping under the sky full of stars and the moon accompanying you through the night. Go to the mountains, trek where you always wanted to go and do that summit you always wanted. Be proud of yourself and give a pat on your back that you have finally taken a step towards happiness. Come out of your comfort zone, embrace the adventures life has to show you. You don't know what's in store for you. Stop contemplating and planning; just LIVE for Once!!

Amidst all this, do not forget about safety. Be alert and conscious about everything around you. Take precautions, download safety apps, inform someone close about your whereabouts, be healthy and strong at all time. One thing that has etched in my mind forever, something that my brother told me "If you can't fight, run- run so much that the other person is tired and gives up". But don't let anything come in your way and your happiness, keep going and learn how to live.

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