British Airways South Africa For Service-Oriented Flights

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Flight booking can be a daunting endeavor, which is why more and more travelers these days preferred to get online tickets. This is where British Airways South Africa gets an opportunity to offer its air travel services to valued customers.

The airline has already established a strong reputation in the industry with its operation under the banner of Comair in South Africa, the group that also runs Kulula. It provides customers with a more comprehensive flight to various domestic destinations. Direct booking of British Airways Comair flights is also available.

We will be giving announcements on the availability of our flight prices. Note the competitive prices of our BA and Ba Com flights in the country. Some of our notable flight routes include those from Durban to Johannesburg, from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, and from Johannesburg to Durban.

The fleet of British Airways South Africa

To keep our philosophy to only bring the recent innovations in aircraft cabin design and engineering, we have just introduced our Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A380. We are excited about this fleet as we have been thinking the comfort it will give you as you board your booked flight.

Handling Your Carry-On Luggage

The carry-on baggage allowance we provide every traveler allows only one piece of hand baggage plus a handbag or laptop. You will have a luggage weight limit amounting to 23 kilograms. Small musical instruments can be part of the free hand carry allowance if they weigh 126 cm and below.

Handling Dangerous Items

Be informed on the authority given to local authorities and governments in imposing restrictions to the permitted items on board. Confiscation will be made for qualified restricted, banned, and dangerous items. British Airways will not accept confiscated product liability.

Extra luggage services cover:

• As much as 10 bags per child or adult including the free allowance

• Online payment discounts when you check-in before the flight schedule under BA Cityflyer, Openskies, or British Airways. This perk is not available to flights operated by the airlines other than these specified carriers.

• You can turn up your additional bags online for the payment of the airport rate at the bag drop. Just be reminded of its higher rate.

• Another thing to keep noted is the special online first-bag rate for passengers who availed flight fares for hand baggage only.

Also, remember that the flight rate is based on the issuance date of your ticket. Contact your booking agent to check the issuance date of your ticket to confirm the applicable rate for you.

Handling Check In

Check-in for your British Airways South Africa booking via online at the airport kiosk, at the airline’s check-in desk, or through your mobile phone. Keep in mind the closing time for the check-in desks 45 minutes prior to your departure. Mobile phone or online check-in opens 24 hours before departure.

Why hassle yourself in getting the best flight when you can get it with ease at British Airways South Africa? Give us a call or visit our site for your next SA travel.

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