Caspian & Breeze: A Tale of Courage & Adventure


Caspian and Breeze, A Tale of Courage and Adventure is the first eBook of a fictional series by Gunay Moon, illustrated by Timur Deberdeev, and published by Gatekeeper Press. The eBook will be available for sale on December 16, 2016 for $2.99 through all major eBook retailers, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, and many more. It is a short, bedtime story with around 1,200 words for kids 4 years old and up.

Photo of Caspian & Breeze: A Tale of Courage & Adventure 1/1 by Gunay Moon

This is a unique story of friendship between two young seagulls, Caspian and Breeze. It will take young readers to the gorgeous Bosphorus Strait that unites two continents, Asia and Europe, but separates the young seagulls. Their friendship will be tested through the separation. The story will allow children to use their imagination and become attached to the characters in the story. What kind of obstacles will our seagull friends face? Will they reunite?

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Review by Sarah M. Weber

Gunay Moon’s poetic imagery brings the Bosphorus Strait, and the seagulls who call it home, to vivid life in Caspian and Breeze: A Tale of Courage and Adventure.

The story follows best friends Caspian and Breeze, two young seagulls who travel south with their families and their flock to escape the harsh winter. But along the way, Caspian makes a big decision that might change both their lives forever.

The first installment in Moon’s new children’s series, Caspian and Breeze is a sweet tale of friendship, hardship, and perseverance that’s surely just the beginning of many adventures to come.

About The Author: Gunay Moon was born and raised in Azerbaijan, and now lives in the United States. Gunay holds an MA from Baku State University, Hamburg University, and an MBA from Kent State University. Nature is the source of her inspiration, poetry, and stories. She loves travelling, meeting diverse people, and learning about their history and culture. So far, she has been to the Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Panama, and Turkey, and plans to keep exploring many more places.

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