Cervical Pain: Surgery Isn’t Always the Only Option


Often when someone is experiencing cervical pain, it can be a debilitating dilemma. Your range of motion is limited, and every possible movement can send shooting pain throughout your entire body. If you have been suffering from cervical pain, but have been putting off seeing a physician because you think surgery will be the outcome of the conversation, you might want to reconsider. Many times, cervical pain can be treated without surgery. It can be an absolute shock for some, but there are options available to help alleviate the pain of cervical pain if cervical stenosis causes it. There are many causes for pain in the neck region, but a likely culprit could be cervical stenosis and many times this condition can be treated without surgery. At Beverly Hills Spine Surgery, ruling out surgery could be as simple as determining the cause of the cervical pain. There is a few test that can help diagnose exactly what is going on, MRI’s have long been the best way to visually see what is occurring beyond what just the symptoms can provide.

Some conditions may require surgery

In some cases, surgery is the best alternative for permanent relief of cervical pain. It isn’t something that is taken lightly, but having the best surgeons to guide you through the process is the key to overall success. Some of the conditions that are notorious for needing surgery are disk herniation, foraminal stenosis, and myelopathy. Some of the procedures that are performed can be an outpatient procedure. It means you will get back to normal activities faster and have less down time. Beverly Hills Spine Surgery uses advanced techniques for minimally invasive surgery, and most incisions are only an inch in length. They are experts in their field and give many decompression and fusion surgeries to treat cervical pain. During surgery, lasers are not useful, and there is an excellent reason for this. The use of lasers has been found actually to hurt nerves, so avoiding the use of them during surgery has been a practice of most specialists now. The estimate is less than one percent of spine surgeons use lasers during operations.

Beverly Hills Spine Surgery Center recognizes that neck and back surgery can be a scary concept for many people suffering from back and cervical pain. However, in many cases it is a low risk, high reward situation. Getting evaluated is the first step in determining your options. You don’t have to suffer from cervical pain any longer; you do have options.

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