Chadar Trek


One of my best expedition ever, The Chadar Trek - Lingshed,

we got to see literally all the different shades of chaddar, the long stretches of transparent glass like ice slabs to getting hit with one of the massive straight 72hrs of snow storm with 1-1 1/2 feet of fresh snow covered on the chaddar, making everything look completely soft and white as if walking on whipped cream, full of adventure, extremeness, survival, awwness and exploration, finding ways and walking though the extreme cold water as the chaddar broke apart, maintaining silence as not to trigger avalanche, running through a fresh hit landslide, staying in a kitchen tent as main tent had to be kept put due to massive snow.

Amazes how Each expedition can still change me and my thinking and reflecting it on my work.

The Real investment is made out there so go on and explore, seek the experience which is waiting for you to bring out the change of your lifetime,

Also don't forget to keep all toffee, maggie or w/e wrappers to yourself don't spoil the nature, keep it clean.

Photo of Chadar Trek 1/2 by Pranav Mote
Photo of Chadar Trek 2/2 by Pranav Mote
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Who was the organizer and dates?
Mon 04 24 17, 23:09 · Reply · Report
Sat 03 04 17, 21:36 · Reply · Report
which trek company did you use to travel
Fri 02 24 17, 12:51 · Reply · Report
Awesome video, got refreshed with chadar memories :)
Mon 02 13 17, 22:06 · Reply · Report
Thu 02 09 17, 18:06 · Reply (1) · Report
Thank you:)
Fri 02 10 17, 21:35 · Report
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