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Chalal trek - Thirty minutes from kasol, chalal is a calm village which haven’t lost its old mountain look. Even the house made there are quite old and made by keep the weather of heavy rainfalls in mind. Being one of the under stream village in India, it is opportunity for the people who wants to explore the unexplored. Been here is a matter of realizing deep happiness within, which is indeed a real trade in today’s time.

It is also known as Bob Marley country as he can be seen everywhere be it on flags, t shirts worn by the people and on walls. This village has plenty of beautiful option for stay and places to visit but what will be interesting for you to see here are KIDS. Children’s undoubtedly are unique in their own way but Kids grown up here are much more professional joint roller.


Accommodation is not hard to find in chalal. They have created mainly to suit the need of backpackers. A lot of hotels, resort, homestay and even camps have been built in the entire stretch from kasol to chalal.

The Himalayan Village - known for their service and friendly gesture, The Himalayan Village would has to be considered if someone is planning to staying in chalal. The rooms available here are clean and beautiful. They also provide space for parking. Foods are prepared in variety to satisfy all kinds of taste bud and fresh. Plus point for its reachability.

HOTEL ANUPAM - Decent guest house which cost only 1500 INR for three people for a day. It offers facilities like private bathrooms, restaurant and lobby where you can sit for hours and chill.

Homestay in chalal - HOME AWAY FROM HOME! If you really want to enjoy and have good times with your friends, then homestay is a place for you. They offer you save and comfortable stay as the rooms is equipped with all necessities. Parking and room service are also available. Food is cooked fresh and will remind you of your home. Budget and location friendly, homestay should be a try once in a life time.


Over the years this place has been a hub for parties like these which happen to continue for days in a deep forest near the village. World class DJ'S from all over all the world welcome people to join them in party in this beautiful valley during music festival. People go mad over psychedelic music and get into different zone. Prices for entrée are not cheaper anymore but if you can bargain you can get it on a really good deal. For the people who are party freaks the price is totally worth it!!

Food in chalal - There are amazing café's in chalal which are mainly river side, so it's not only food but also the view that catches the attention of travelers. As mostly western travelers come here so food are made according to their preferences like pizza, pasta, n all kind of Israel food with the smell of burning herb. But for our desi people, parathas and vegetarian thali are also available.

Shiva garden is the most asked for restaurants that has been found in this village.

Trek to chalal - Anyone who decide to do less intensive trekking, and then trek to chalal is just the kind for you. Near to kasol, it only takes 30 to 60 minutes of walk to reach up there. You can start trekking after crossing hanging bridge over river Parvati. You can climb or walk by hills. It is easy to navigate and follow a path as you just need to walk along the river.

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