Choose Ethiopia As The Next Travel Destination


Most of the people are passionate about traveling to their favorite destinations. To add to the wish list of new travel destinations featuring diversity of natural resources and inclusion of adventure to leisure travel, we can always think about Ethiopia as a great tourist spot as this country offers wide variety of tourist locations for exploring historical monuments, pre-historical remains of human races and natural beauty of mountains and forests clubbed together during a short trip.

There are many professional tour operators online that arrange Danakil Depression Erta Ale Travel & Tour packages. We might have experienced the thrill of surfing, paragliding and other exciting water sports along sandy beaches in different locations in the world so far, however these tour packages take us to the extreme excitement and thrill while we can witness the glory of a live volcano in the large region of eastern Africa.

The nation Ethiopia is situated in the eastern horn of Africa and is the second largest African nation for population. This is the oldest independent nation in the continent carrying an old cultural heritage and attracts tourists because of its diversity in the geographical areas. We can find deserts, forests, mountains and a live volcano as discussed in the beginning.

This nation has a unique cultural heritage following orthodox Ethiopian Church and the monarchy that has ended before four decades in 1974. The nation has faced severe natural disasters due to draught in the twentieth century and has a long history of border conflict with the neighboring country of Eritrea. However it is still a safe place for travelers as the tribal people that form a greater part of the population are very welcoming and warm regarding foreigners that arrive here for convenient and enjoyable travel experience.

Ethiopia Vacation Packages are offered by many tour operators online that offer a perfect blend of exciting travel activities taking the tourists to diverse tourist destinations in the country. For the pleasant surprise for the tourists that would be interested in archeological sites related to history of mankind, Ethiopia is the home of continuous research regarding older civilizations and evolution of mankind that arguably originates from these parts of Africa. The government of this nation has preserved the remains of oldest humans for enhancement of knowledge of the visitors regarding the historical evolution of man from his forefathers.

Another exciting way to add adventure to the leisure tours is to go for trekking tours in hilly parts of Ethiopia. There are professional tour operators that arrange short term trekking tours in this region. Trek Ethiopia Trekking Package arranged by various professional tour arrangement companies provides an opportunity to explore finest natural beauty of mountain ranges and dense forests in this country. Trekking is preferred by a class of tourists that are interested in fitness of body and mind through rigorous and continuous body movements while traveling distances within hilly forests on their own feet. This is an advisable method of travel as we can experience better peace of mind by staying away from hecic business schedules and get an opportunity to spend quality time along with friends and family.

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