Click it or Enjoy it - A collision while you travel


To cherish the memories of places you travel, it is very important to click every noticeable thing you see. It is rather an important part of your travel, and you that your latest HD camera keeps swinging from your neck and hitting your tummy at times.

The perfect hold of the Taj Mahal tip, the perfect orangish pink of the Himalayan peak, the hardworking capture of the curved train crossing the Pamban bridge – the efforts taken are commendable and to relish the same is pleasurable. But it doesn’t end there.

Clicking – deleting – clicking – deleting (thanks to the digital cameras) is an ongoing process until it gets contentment. So mostly the shortlisting of the revealable pictures happen on site. And the lucky ones shot through handheld instantly get fame through Facebook and Instagram.

What if we imagine a trip minus the camera? Ok not that extreme, may be with just 50% of the usual clicks? As much as it is important to see the place it is equally important to feel it, breathe it and observe it and absorb it. Thats when you have actually visited the place. It is said that it is best when you give it your 100%. So it would be better when 75% and good when 50%. The idea is not to not click but give the camera a justified importance. It is you who have stepped out to experience a new place and not your camera!!

For a while if you think, how cool would it be to see the forceful waterfall, instead of trying fitting it within the frame or just gazing at some palace for a little more time rather than capturing it where half of its beauty is covered with beloved humans in your life, or chasing a crab on the beach instead of hunching to a complete U just to click it? Yes, this is another inevitable task that one undergoes. The task of being pliant. And the task of contriving to self-satisfaction. And at times this hysterical pose serves as a good feed to a counterpart of yours.

You might just end up realising that you have done most of the sight seeing through the lens and not eyes. To your surprise you might also discern that you have not shared the wonderful experience of the actual place but only discussed it evinced into a still shot.

So a tip would be to enjoy the place you are at. After all, the best place of memories is in the intangible memories and nowhere else.

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