Cliff Jumping Off The Rocks Of Hampi 

25th Mar 2018

The Intriguing Diving Spot

Photo of Cliff Jumping Off The Rocks Of Hampi by Offbeat Voyagers

Where am I?? Neither am I on the rocks, nor am I in the water, those were the feelings we had for the split second when we were free falling after jumping off. Sounds exciting right!!

You might have seen tons of videos of people jumping in the Sanapur lake, so did we and planned to do the same. But all the local people that we asked, advised us to not jump in the lake as the water levels had reduced.

We were at the Sanapur bus stop, drinking tea at a tapri(stall), when a few people on scooters passed by on a road that we assumed led to the village. Out of curiosity we followed them and discovered an amazing place where you can jump off the cliff, swim in the calming waters of the Tungabhadra river or simply bask under the sun. You can also experience the coracle boat ride that you might have come across in a few bollywood movies.

Photo of Cliff Jumping Off The Rocks Of Hampi  1/1 by Offbeat Voyagers
Sunset from the Tungabhadra river

Getting There

You can rent bikes or cycles on Hippie island and get to the Sanapur village. There are local buses that pass through this village as well. Once in the village, ask for directions to the waterfall(water flow is very low during summers). It is close to the bus stop, you could walk as well. The waterfall and the diving spot are in the opposite direction to Sanapur lake on the Reservoir road. Check the map below for reference.

Way to the diving spot

Photo of Sanapur Bus Stop, Reservoir Road, Sanapur, Karnataka, India by Offbeat Voyagers

Coracle Ride

There is a very sweet local guy named Natanil who organises coracle rides in the river for Rs. 50 per person. We went out at dawn and the river looked absolutely beautiful. He takes you for a spin(literally) in the river, it reminded us of the merry go round rides we used to have as kids. At the end of the river we climbed the face of the cliff for a view of the picturesque sunset!!

Coracle ride contact: Natanil(+91 88849 24927)


Photo of Cliff Jumping Off The Rocks Of Hampi by Offbeat Voyagers

Cliff Jumping

We decided to jump off the cliff and cool down in the waters of the Tungabhadra river after having visited the ruins in Hampi, completely drenched in sweat. This made the jump quite refreshing for us. The cliffs are not very high(around 15 feet) but good enough to get you excited and have fun. You will have to swim to the opposite bank, climb to the top(beware of slippery rock face) and let gravity do the rest.

Note: The waters are pretty deep(around 20 feet) so hitting a rock should not be a concern, although do not jump too close to the rocks.

The experience, lasts for a moment but makes you forget all the worries in life and lets you be carefree!!

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As the sun set, the adventure came to an end

Photo of Cliff Jumping Off The Rocks Of Hampi by Offbeat Voyagers