Cool new hotel concepts


An innovative idea is the bedrock of a good hotel. These days, with so many accommodation options available to travelers, it has become essential for every hotel to stand out! A creative concept with original service can go a long way when it comes to making a hotel popular amongst tourists.

In a changing world, the needs and requirements of business and leisure travelers are evolving. It is essential for a hotel to adapt to these changing requirements and provide a unique travel experience to all its guests. Here are some cool new hotel concepts that can help a hotel distinguish itself from its competitors.

The rise of boutique hotels!

A boutique hotel is a small hotel situated in an upscale urban setting. These hotels are stylishly-designed and offer an exceptional level of service. The compact size and personal feeling of a boutique hotel makes it truly unique. When it comes to designing a boutique hotel, high attention is paid to décor and overall ambience to provide a sense of closeness to the guests. In places like Hong Kong where space comes at a high price, boutique hotels, with their small sizes, are fast emerging as one of the best accommodation options.

Happy hours and other fun features

Incorporating fun features is an excellent way to make a hotel look unique and stylish. Happy Hours in hotels have become quite popular. Happy hour is a time period in a day when drinks and snacks are sold at reduced prices. This provides an opportunity to the guests to enjoy their favourite drinks at a lower price. Apple TV, free breakfast, free internet and free snacks are some of the exciting features offered by many hotels. Many hotels also have free in-room mini bar that is replenished everyday. These features can go long way when it comes to making the travelling experience all the more pleasurable!

Unique décor!

Adding a quirky touch to hotel décor and design is another exciting way to make a hotel stand out from the crowd. Adding a dreamy touch to an otherwise mundane design can go a long way when it comes to making a hotel truly unique.

The concepts of serviced apartments and student hotels are also catching up. Serviced apartments are furnished apartments that are available for short-term and long-term use. The student hotels, on the other hand, provide fully-furnished rooms to students and modern travelers.

Some super unique hotel concepts include ice hotel, floating hotel, underwater hotel and sand hotels! These hotels provide completely different and ‘out-of-the-world’ staying experience to the guests.

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