Could Aurangabad Hotels near Railway Station Really Offer Us a Peaceful Stay?

Photo of Could Aurangabad Hotels near Railway Station Really Offer Us a Peaceful Stay? 1/1 by Chirag Sharma

On learning that this time around our company had decided to treat us to Rewards Trip to Aurangabad for having exceeded the business targets we had been set, I felt my heart sink in dismay! Visiting it many years back on a shoestring budget and not all memories were pleasant ones, particularly of a low-budget hotel stay with minimum amenities! Since I learnt that this was also going to be one of those Aurangabad hotels near Railway Station, I was convinced that we were in for noisy, disturbed nights! But, my colleagues, who had stayed in one of these hotels earlier, assured me that this hotel in Aurangabad was a really reputed one, with plenty of luxurious facilities so, rather reluctantly, I allowed myself to be persuaded to accompany them all!

When we actually checked into this hotel in Aurangabad, I was pleasantly surprised to find it loaded with modern amenities like a sophisticated spa to pamper you with, therapies, beauty treatments, sensuous Swedish and Thai massages and acquiring that perfect sun tan lounging on laid-back lounge chairs! Or enjoy an invigorating swim in the large sized swimming pool or hit the elaborately equipped Fitness centre for an invigorating workout. With an efficient business centre with complimentary Wi-fi, life seemed to be very promising here! With global gastronomic delicacies from Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapore at the Pan- Asian restaurant, international favourites and homely food at the multi-cuisine coffee shop, luxurious air-conditioned rooms and suites, such Aurangabad hotels near railway station, won me over completely!

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