“Cultural tour in Rajasthan”


Rajasthan's role in the development of Indian art has been very important. The decoration of dwellings and other household objects was but one aspect of the creative genius of the Rajasthani - the world of miniature paintings is perhaps the most fascinating and the distinctive styles that have existed here are renowned the world over. From the 16th century onwards there flourished different schools of paintings like the Mewar school, the Bundi-Kota kalam, the Jaipur, Bikaner, Kishengarh and Marwar schools. Here, men and women traditionally wore necklaces, armlets, anklets, earrings and rings. With the advent of the Mughal Empire, Rajasthan became a major centre for production of the finest kind of jewellery. It was a true blend of the Mughal with the Rajasthani craftsmanship. The Mughals brought sophisticated design & technical know-how of the Persians with them. The study of the people of Rajasthan is incomplete without the knowledge of costumes and ornaments. The costumes of the present have the reflections of the costumes of the past.

Experience these cultures, traditions, music, folklore and cuisine of this royal place through an altogether different kind of tour!

Points To Be Noted:

  • Package cost includes: Accomodation (twin-sharing babsis), goody basket in room, welcome drink, Water, 3 meals a day, internal transport (excluding dropping and receiving from airport/railway station), guide fees.
  • Best time for the trip: October to March.
  • Accomodation would be provided in homes with rural settings so that the traveler gets a taste of the beautiful rural life.
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