Custom Made Jacobite Ghillie Shirt


In this age of machine made shirts it is indeed a luxury when you think about custom made shirts or tailor made shirts. Scottish Kilt still remains the favorite destination for people who want to have their shirts sewed. But there is good news for you because you can order your own custom made shirts or tailor made shirts online.A tailor made clothing, on the contrary, is crafted to exact measurements that fit perfectly and comfortably which becomes very useful when the attire is made for special formal occasion.

Scottish Kilt is your one-stop shop for the custom-made Celtic costume that allow you to design your own custom made shirts or tailor made shirts. All you need to do is visit the website and follow the steps and you will be done with creating the Ghillie Shirt you want.You just need to do select a shirt from wide range of Ghillie shirts at Scottish Kilt.Send your measurements to us and Scottish Kilt will send you perfect Ghillie Shirt according to measurements. Then you will just need to pay online and your shirt will be delivered at your Doorstep.

Ghillie shirts/ Jacobean shirts

You may have seen gentlemen wearing loose fitting cotton shirts with a leather laced opening around the throat. These shirts are known as Ghillie or Jacobean shirts, and are a big part of traditional Scottish clothing.these Casual Ghillie Shirts can make you distinctive from other in any particular ceremony, parties or events.

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White Jacobite Ghillie Shirt

They are the more informal accessory to the kilt, and were originally designed to be comfortable for dancing or other physical activities. The Jacobite Ghillie Shirt is a traditional design that can be made to measure to suit any man. Many kilt wearers prefer them to the more restrictive and formal waist coat and shirt combination that is also worn with a kilt.

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