Dubai Tour? These 5 food destinations are best to try


The best part of travelling to a new place is trying out new food and best eating joints. Every country has its own special food platter but when it comes to Dubai, the entire cuisine is a feast for your taste buds! There are numerous restaurants and food joints in Dubai, which specialise in international cuisines. Do not forget to do a thorough research about the most popular food destinations before you book those.

Check out these following 5 food destinations next time you are in Dubai:

1. Pierchic: If you want to relish on some exquisite European cuisine, PIERCHIC is the best place for you to dine at. The location of the restaurant is set on an adorned pier extending into the great Arabian Gulf and offers and an amazing view of the gulf. Renowned for its quality of seafood the place is a hotspot for romantic couples and newlyweds. Book the best of Dubai honeymoon packages and spend some time away from the din and bustle of the world in this amazing place with great food for company.

2. Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara: The restaurant specialises in seafood and is well known for the usage of its finest ingredients and authentic flavours. You can experience fine dining and enjoy the amazing view of underwater life through the extraordinary aquarium. Do not forget to include this amazing restaurant in your Musafir Dubai tour packages on your next trip to Dubai.

3. Awtar: One of the oldest and most favourite Arabian restaurants in Dubai, Awtar offers you with mouthwatering Arabian delicacies and is famous for its grilled meat and Lebanese mezze. If you wish to experience a typical Dubai nightlife, this is the place you would want to hit first. From exotic belly dancers to the performance of live Arabic bands, the ambience of this place is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of your Dubai trip. Find out all about the famous and authentic eating joints in Dubai before booking the best among the Dubai holiday packages.

4. Noodle House: Do you like Asian food? Fret not! You can enjoy a scrumptious Asian meal at the Noodle House. Appealing features like the open kitchen, south Asian delicacies, Asian beers and a wide range of affordable wine make this place one of the hot favourites among the tourists. If you are looking for an inexpensive and informal dining experience, you must drop by this place during your visit. Get more information about Dubai from your travel agent before you choose the best of the Dubai packages.

5. Arabian Tea House: This beautiful place is set in the grand courtyard of one of the ancient wind-tower constructions in the Persian quarter. The place offers grand Arabian breakfasts that include sandwiches, wraps and salads. The beverages offered in this stunning tea house are a must try for everyone. The freshly squeezed juices, wide favours of tea and famous mint and lime juice are popular beverages to sip on.

A treat for your stomach, Dubai will give you the chance to experience the best food of the world.

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