Elephanta Caves: Useful Points

21st Jan 2018
Photo of Elephanta Caves: Useful Points by Risha Rana
Day 1

Where is it located?

Elephanta Island

How to reach there?

An hour long Ferry Ride

Where can I get the Ferry?

At the Gateway of India

Best time to visit

When the monsoon has just started or about to get over. Otherwise, it’s really sunny!

What are the attractions over there?

The caves, View from the top, the local market and yeah monkeys!

What things should be kept in mind?

1. If you’re going on a sunny day then always wear full sleeved upper wear, otherwise you’re gonna get real tan!

2. If possible, wear some shoes or footwear in which you can hike comfortably because you’ll have to go up the hill.

3. Keep yourselves hydrated.

4. In case you decide to eat outside, keep a watch on the monkeys!

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