Eliminate Mosquitos in Your Home and Protect Your Family from Malaria


Mosquito bites are the root of several life-threatening diseases. Albeit the insect's small size and weak body structure which can be crushed by a slap of the hand, once mosquito takes a bite on your skin, your health could be in harm's way.

Malaria is one of the diseases which are caused by mosquito bites. If this illness spreads throughout the body, it becomes impossible to cure which can cause the person’s death.The name Malaria has no relation to mosquitos. It is named after an Italian word that pertaining to unclean air. The people in Rome assumed that the source of this illness is the swamp fumes around their area. Since it was Rome which has the first hand experienced on malaria outbreak, there were no records which would name the disease, hence, the name it malaria.

Malaria is severe blood diseases that are transmitted to humans through parasites specifically, the bite of Anopheles mosquito. Mosquitos are insects that dwell in various locations from garbage areas to clean source of water. If a mosquito catches a virus in one of these places, it can transmit the virus through biting in human skin to feed on their blood triggering the spread of the disease.

There are two conditions of malaria; mild and severe malaria.

Uncomplicated or mild malaria will not lead to death. However, it will cause shivering, fever, headaches, vomiting and fatigue. On the other hand, severe malaria can lead to dysfunction of vital organs. So, if a person's organ systems fail to perform its function due to the disease, it could not sustain life, thus, results in death. The symptoms of malaria last from six to ten hours. Therefore, within just a day, the disease could spread all over the body.

People must take measures in malaria prevention, and the best step to make is to eliminate the mosquitos around your home.There are diverse methods to eradicate insects such as mosquitos, flies, and bugs. These processes may include using of pesticides and insect repellent. However, pesticides contain harmful substances which are labeled toxins for the body, therefore, it may also instigate health hazards. Then, if using pesticide is scratched out of the list in controlling mosquitos, what is another means of preventing mosquito bites?

Use Dynatrap dt1100, a modern method of getting rid of mosquitoes and different kind of pests.

Dynatrap dt1100 is a lamp shaped mosquito trap which uses UV lights to attract mosquitos and capture them. Aside, from the UV, it also produces carbon dioxide which is enticing for mosquitoes to lure into the trap and together with a powerful vacuum fan it insect is caged.

Dynatrap is preferable for wide range vectors. The Dynatrap dt1100 model can cover up half an acre land, whereas the DT2000XL model can manage a full acre land.Dynatrap is the safest method of killing mosquitos; it does not produce harmful chemicals which may pose a risk to health. Moreover, it is durable and perfect for outdoor use.

Learn more all about insect control and secure the safety of your household from malaria.

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