Emerging Technologies in Renewable Energy


Renewable energy has been put on the limelight for a long period of time, yet it has not really fully achieved its full potential nor is it maximized by highly industrialized countries. Nevertheless, renewable energy is evolving and, as a matter of fact, there are a number of emerging forms of renewable energy that may contribute in the future of global energy consumption.

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Enhanced Geothermal System

Unlike traditional geothermal energy, enhanced geothermal system is feasible anywhere in the globe. Also, there is no need of natural convective resources for hydrothermal energy as the "hot dry rocks" needed to convert geothermal energy is made through hydraulic simulation. This type of energy is being used and developed in many countries now including Japan, Australia, France, U.S. Germany and Switzerland. Although the use of enhanced geothermal system is still subject of tests and procedures, it can be safely said that there is a bright future for enhanced geothermal system.

Marine Energy

This form of energy is basically like hydropower, but mostly refers to kinetic energy stored in the world's oceans. The fact that vast ocean surrounds islands and countries; it is generally harnessed to be used for residential and even for commercial use. Basically, the ocean's movement including wave power, tidal power and surface waves are used in order to obtain energy. Pretty much like enhanced geothermal system, there is also a huge potential in obtaining energy from the ocean considering that a huge amount of energy is stored in the vast ocean.

Floating Solar Arrays

If you want to invest in renewable energy, the most feasible form of investment is through solar panels as they are designed for residential use. For example, LG Solar Panels Austin has played a good part in installing and customizing solar panels over houses, commercial buildings and even on carports. With the floating solar arrays, PV systems will now be installed on the surface of tailing pons, quarry lakes and drinking water reservoirs. As of the present, there are small floating solar arrays in Singapore, Japan, India, France, United Kingdom and South Korea.

Solar Aircraft

Instead of being operated by internal combustion engine, solar aircrafts are designed to be operated by electric motors with electricity coming from solar cells, fuel cells and batteries. Most of the present solar aircrafts are still on experimental use. Nevertheless, there is a huge potential on the success of the project considering that there have been a number of successful manned solar-powered aircrafts.

Algae Fuels

As of the present, there are still numerous researches on algae fuels or fuel from a variety of algae that is rich in oil. No country has yet used the same or testing the use of algae fuels. Unlike other emerging technologies, the use of algae fuels is still far from being utilized for use in the near future. Nevertheless, on-going research on the said source of renewable energy is still on the go. The basics of which are still being experiment and tested, yet there is still a good future for this type of emerging renewable energy.

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