Escape the Mall: the Green Spaces of Singapore

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It is no doubt that Singapore is a diverse country. The city life is all warm, especially the numerous malls and skyscrapers. The government and private developers have done a lot in modernizing this state to what it is today. However, there are numerous green sites, fields and belts beyond the colorful and active malls. If you need a hint as a first timer here, talk to Singapore visa agents and they can recommend one or two green spaces to visit. Further, this article will mention the popular ones for you.

The Fort Canning Park

This site is popular all over Singapore. The British administration used this hilltop space for their operations. It was also the location where the first Botanical garden wad opened. The park is always quiet except for the sound of birds and the beauty of different flowers. Butterflies also get attracted by the numerous flowers, which also give it a fresh smell. It is easily accessible through walking and is found at the back of the National Museum of Singapore.

The Palau Ubin

This offshore Island is perhaps popular as Singapore herself. People who love to interact with nature in an untouched way can visit here. A bum-boat will take you to the island in the morning and bring you back in the evening. While here, you can either choose to hike or cycle past the rubber plantation. The natural kampong or villages will also give you a share of adventure.

The Butik Timah

This is a nature reserve and also boasts to be the highest point in the country. While here, you will be able to view the vastness of almost the whole of Singapore Island and appreciate its beauty. According to reports, almost half of the Singapore vegetation in this reserve. People usually hike to the pean of the reserve through the natural rain forests, which is a memorable experience for everyone. Make sure that you are geared for the exercise.

The Southern Ridges

These trails run for over 10 kilometers through the forest and the famous Henderson Waves. You can either decide to hike or cycle all the way from Telok Blangah, Mt Faber, and Hort parks. These green spaces are highly recommended for family activities and cycling takes the day. Due to the vast land they cover, it is crucial to hire the services of a skilled guide. They give directions, history and ensure safety. What more can people ask for?

Kusu Island

For people seeking somewhere to meditate, Kusu Island is the ideal location for that. You can tell that all is well by the clear blue ocean water, which people say is probably the best plan to have a dip. The Island also has a temple and shrine. People are usually requested to bring water and food as there are no outlets here.


Everyone would want to have some quiet time away from the town. These green spaces offer the best opportunity for this. You can visit them at any time of the year as Singapore experiences rain all through the year. Enjoy!

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