Excellent Tips that help you learn and improve Your Golf Game


Golf game offers you excellent workout in addition to improving your focus, foster rapport and of course enjoyment. The beauty of this game is that anybody irrespective of age and sex can play.  Your golf game improves, if you practice regularly. You can go for professional coaching in case you want to develop into a professional golfer.

Follow the tips given below to improve your Golf Game

Ø  Remember the basics of the game like grip, alignment, stance and ball position

Ø  Position your foot and body behind the ball securely.

Ø  Make sure your elbow touches your hip.

Ø  Never hit the ball very forcefully.

Ø  Concentrate on controlling your swing.

Ø  Start focusing on mounting your power after mastering swing

Ø  Practice a gentle grip and relax the muscles. This enables you to produce a quick swing and long drive.

Improve your Golf game

Ø  Being physically fit will improve your game.

Ø  Focus on hitting your drive with minimal spin

Ø  Play regularly to improve your game and learn to tweak your game.  


Ø  You have lots of Golf terminology to learn.

Ø  There are so many rules that are not apparent

Ø  They are necessary if you are a professional or taking part in a tournament.

Ø  Ware collared shirts (polos) if you are a male. Females can go for shorts, pants, or a skirt.

Golf protocol

Ø  Repair your pitch marks.

Ø  Sustain the pace of play.

Ø  Avoid talking when others are taking a shot.

Ø  Shun conversing loudly when others are keeping or teeing off on other holes.

Ø  Make it a point to pick up your tees.

Ø  Restrain from offering unwanted advice.

Ø  Do not hit ball close to others.

Ø  Let others play through.

Ø  Do not place your golf cart or pull cart on the green.

Ø  Evade standing near the cup.

Ø  Avoid standing very near a player taking a shot.

Golf Clubs

Ø  If you want to buy, the best idea is buying a used set or used clubs one at a time.

Other Golf Gear

Ø  Golf bag, Golf balls, Tees, Divot Repair Tool, Ball marker, Two towels, Golf shoes (optional), and Golf gloves.

Right approach to Golf

Ø  Resist nursing high hopes.

Ø  Just enjoying the game though the end result is not great

Ø  Initially, it may be discouraging. In the due course, you will play and enjoy too.

Basics of swinging

Playing golf means building up a swing. This involves -

Ø  Fine grip

Ø  Good setup

Ø  Avoiding common Mistakes at Setup

Ø  Mastering how to Swing, how to Putt, how to chip, and how to play out of a bunker

It is a smooth sailing from here and taking a lesson will go a long way in grooming you into a good golfer. Most probably, some of your neighboring courses will be offering lessons like golf lessons for beginners in Singapore. You can attend them.  Once you get your swing right, you can have your swing analyzed. 

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