Exploring Dawki - Border town between India - Bangladesh

Photo of Exploring Dawki - Border town between India - Bangladesh by Akshay Kumar

Dawki is the border town between India and Bangladesh around 150kms from Shillong in Meghalaya (India) . The roads to Dawki are bit curvy , narrow and not in order . There is a weak suspension bridge (just after you cross the first line of defence) over the Umngot River that allows a maximum of two vehicles at a time . Umngot River is one of the cleanest river in India . It is exhilarating that you are at the border and still it seems a normal visit . Most of the vendors are Bangladeshi . While taking a boat ride (thats costs around 700bucks for two people) on the glass-like, emerald green waters of the Umngot – the water is so clear that one can see the river bed 12 feet below – our Khasi boatman provided further evidence of intermingling of the border populations. All in one Dawki is truly a hidden paradise . Explore the town and people through the video tvvideo .