These Spectacular Drone Videos Of Indian Destinations Will Take Your Breath Away!


There is no dearth of drone videos on the internet. From flying between skyscrapers to shots that encompass the Grand Canyon; videographers have made effective, efficient and beautiful use of the marvellous technology of drone cameras.

Irrespective of the high number of aerial footage on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and other portals, there is just not enough on the awe-inspiring Indian landscapes that range from high-altitude deserts to tiny coastal islands.

In an effort to introduce the majestic wonders and destinations of India to the world of drone videography, Tripoto collaborated with renowned photographer and videographer, Pranshu Dubey and produced the stunning visual series, Eye in the Sky.

Episode 1: Spiti Valley

The magic of Spiti Valley can only be realized by those who have first-handedly experienced the spell it casts. But this video, in just 2 minutes and 30 seconds, manages to give viewers a glimpse of its breathtaking beauty. Tiny Buddhist villages and a monastery nestled between the towering Himalayas, the pristine Chandratal Lake and the journey from Rohtang Pass to Spiti; the drone video captures all of it.

If you are inspired to visit Spiti after watching the first episode of 'Eye in the Sky', then read the detailed travelogue of Vineer Kumar, 'Spiti Valley, Himachal (Tabo - Kaza - Key/Kye - Kibber - Komic - Kaza -Kunzum Pass - Rohtang Pass - Manali)'

Episode 2: Udaipur

Lost in the heritage tales of its land, Udaipur's natural beauty often gets overlooked by travellers. The narrow lanes and royal havelis hold the essence of the ancient city, while its massive lakes tell a million stories. The bird's eye view of Udaipur captures the buildings of immense historical relevance along with the natural wonders they co-exist with. Udaipur is a beautiful jewel that shines even brighter at night, and the drone video gives the viewer a rare opportunity of witnessing that in panorama.

If you too want to pay a visit to the multi-faceted city of Udaipur after watching the video then find out the best way to explore Udaipur in just 4 days and 3 nights: Things To Do In Udaipur For The Most Exciting Lake Holiday Ever.

Episode 3: Andamans

The Andamans have lately become a hotspot for beach lovers and peace seekers. But despite the number of people who find their way to the archipelago, the many natural wonders of the place have rarely been documented. The final episode of Eye in the Sky makes up for that by providing an aerial view of the forests and hidden waterfalls of the Andamans that you will not find in any popular poster. This side of the Andamans, which is away from white sand beaches, is a pure delight to watch.

If you want to travel to Andamans then follow your instinct and get lost, but as a place to start, give this article a good read: Explore the 'World's 8th Best Beach' in Andamans, And The Rest of The Islands in Just Four Days!'.

We understand the backlash people give us for revealing beautiful hidden destinations of India. Their fear comes from a place of great care and worry, as they are afraid that increased tourism will only translate into exploitation and pollution. We urge you to think differently and travel responsibly. #LeaveNoTrace, even if you are in a relatively developed city or place. Exposure must not mean exploitation.

Share your favourite destinations and places to travel in India with Tripoto. As for Eye in the Sky, drop in comments on the places you want us to feature in the next season of the series. And we will make sure the most popular ones do!

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I would like to see drone videos of Ladakh, Kerala backwaters, and Dal Lake.
Fri 04 28 17, 00:08 · Reply · Report
Mind blowing videos! Love the post!
Thu 04 27 17, 23:52 · Reply · Report