Ultimate struggle behind this word

13th Nov 2019

As a trending label, people feel cool while being called as ‘feminists,' regardless of knowing the ultimate struggle behind this word. The battle which 19th-century people faced while running movement and political campaigns regarding feminism aimed at providing equality to all genders (specifically women as they are perceived as oppressed gender in the society).

Without even acknowledging the efforts of these people, the uprising of feminism began among people who had a vulnerable set of mind. These people created a group among themselves and were named as ‘pseudo-feminists.' Generally defined, pseudo-feminists are people who claim themselves as feminists but subside the key feature of feminism, equality.

Pseudo or false feminism created a rift among the genders, men and women. This recent battle between sexes enlarged the void which was initially aimed to be filled by the struggles of the feminist movement.

Thus leading towards the unequal treatment for men by initiating movements with hashtags on social sites and essay sites like write my essay for me, i.e., ‘all men are trash' and ‘me too,' creating a new wave of male bashing and slander. Feminism is not about women being greater than men; rather it was about the equality of rights and role women have in society.

It was more of a struggle related to domestic abuse, sexual violence, the role of the women in parliaments and running the world. In the vein not to disregard the importance of male gender and the vulnerability they face at the hands of masculinity and ‘be man enough.'

Consequently, feminism is the right of equality for both genders, not just the female gender which gains the perks of having the history regarding abuse and violence. The greatness of one gender subsides and led-down the other gender. Hence, in achieving a fair adjust approach, both genders must be treated equally, without prejudice.