From the heart...


My head is full of shame and my heart full of rage, this is a country who worships Durga but does so many inhuman things to its daughters. It is the society, Bollywood, upbringing or unrest, what led to the demolition of morals this steeply. As I ponder over these incidents it makes me so sad, how can you reach out to these women, more than the women, how can you reach out to all those men, who think it's okay and it's just fun. When will they learn the indelible marks they leave won't erase, it will leave stains on these girls and the society, who has forgotten how to respect its women

Isn't it that you who taught her not to trust any men around and now when she speaks against these acts, you turn around to call her feminist

Isn't the stranger on the road who tried to grope her taught her that roads are not safe

Isn't the cousin who tried to touch her proved her, that the only her brother will keep her safe and other relations are a farce

Isn't the friend who tried to molest her, made sure, she believes that men just want sex

Isn't the guy she liked only wanted to enter her pants

Isn't the man at her home breaking her confidence, by calling her names, by using force and by away taking her shame

Isn't she taught that she will be used and seen just as a sex object

Isn't it a matter of society where you raise your girls to feel so unsafe from everyone

There is a Nirbhaya and a silent cry somewhere in your city, or your town, or maybe even your own house.

But it did it make you stop, and take some action or has it became so mundane, stale and insipid that crosses over eyes as a news piece and it is over.

It may be your eyes are shut and have stopped notice of a force against her, but those exploiting hands, leering eyes and brutal force has not.

It does not matter what age she is, what clothes she wears, they treat them all alike. If it were for only young, why women aged 80 still die of rape.

It is time to stop this injustice and act now, let this nation not be ruled by hooligans and become a barbarian terrain!

~ Nalini Dutta

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