Gorge On Beachy Crunch Only At Goa


There are times when you feel hungry for adventure and other times, you are just plain hungry. Goa gives you delectable treats for both these types of hunger and your first taste of either of them make you realise that you have missing out on a lot all this while. Cheap flights to Goa come to your rescue and provide you that effortless way to fly in and out of the city at your whim. As all these things line up, you find yourself nicely seated in the best of nature surrounded by your close buddies enjoying those precious moments together.

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Goan cuisine more or less revolves around the seafood. In fact, fish with rice is the official staple recipe of this place. And for the celebratory and festive purposes, people whip up one or the other complex variation of this soothing combo. Most of the flavours that you would taste in local dishes belong to the Portuguese side of the culinary details. Kingfish in Garlic and prawn balchao are two such dishes that also rank among the most popular in the trail of local beach shacks. Flights to Goa will start this gourmet gala for you and everyone else can join in whenever they feel like grabbing a bite.

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You will often find complimentary fried fish and pickles served along with the staple diet. Every other eating joint here will put their own spin on the classic menu and more than not, you will end up savouring every last bit of it. Kingfish is the dish you will find in every other restaurant and it comprises of that wholesome composition of sufficiently seasoned ingredients. Try something crispy and crunchy with the likes of crabs, mussels, lobsters, tiger prawns and squids. Book tickets to Goa right on time to resign to this appetising spread of seafood by the seaside for a moment.

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