Grahan- The Unknown Hamlet of Mystic Parvati Valley

2nd Feb 2017
Photo of Grahan- The Unknown Hamlet of Mystic Parvati Valley 1/6 by Dedipya Basak

Do you ever cry enjoying your memories?

I do. Sometimes my memories keep me hundred miles away from my everyday city life. I cannot resist my-self from packing my bag and starting a new solo-trip.

Few days back I traveled along Parvati Valley. Now-a-days many people, mostly the young stars put Parvati Valley and mainly Malana into their most desired ‘travel-bucket-list’. So, there is no such ‘new’ to provide a detailed itinerary of such kind of trip. Yet, a rough route map was Delhi- Bhuntar- Kasol- Rashol- Grahan- Kasol- Tosh- Manali-Delhi.

The Story

It was my second day in Kasol. After a whole-day raining the next-morning sky was blue and full of sun-beams. I and my five co-travelers started for an unknown or less known village of Parvati Valley- Grahan. The plan was quite simple. We would hike till Grahan and spend a night over there and would come back again the very next day.

Photo of Grahan- The Unknown Hamlet of Mystic Parvati Valley 2/6 by Dedipya Basak
Before we started for Grahan

Hiking Grahan is not a difficult one. A rookie-hiker like me can hike such trail very easily. But, the Himalayas had some different plan for us. After walking straight one and half kilometer we took the wrong turn. We crossed a small wooden hanging bridge and climbed three stiff ridges in order to reach Grahan. The ‘never-enlightened’ and muddy Grass lands, the slippery stones of waterfalls, the steepness of the Hills made our journey Challenging. After crossing a long brown meadow when we entered into the last ridge- it was full of snow during the mid-day as well. We reached Thunja before we reached Grahan. We took some food and later on we reached to our pre-planned Old Krishna Guest-House.

Photo of Grahan- The Unknown Hamlet of Mystic Parvati Valley 3/6 by Dedipya Basak
The wrong turn we took

The elevation was 3800 meters from sea-level and out destination was surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The houses mostly were wooden. Our Old Krishna Guest House was such a well decorated small wooden house. We took some rest and took our dinner very early. By that time the din of the day was coming down. And winter took charge on the greens with his ‘white army’. We evidenced the snow fall. We evidenced the absolute silence. We evidenced the beauty and the 'beasty' snow.

The next day I woke up early in the morning. Leaving my sleeping friends inside I came outside. It was the perfect picture of the dawn- Mountains were full of snow; no, not the white one- full of reddish snow. The first day-light changed the color of the snow. I gazed. I asked my friends to come out. We all took snaps as many as we could. The snow on the foot-hills, the snow on the shades, and the snow on the leaves started melting. The day won his battle over the mighty night. We spent some more time gazing the mountains, talking to the Villagers. Later on we took our breakfast- the awesome Gobi Paratha made by our host. Then we started again for Kasol-no, no, no wrong turn again! We took the right rather usual one. After four hours hiking down finally we reached to Kasol back.

Photo of Grahan- The Unknown Hamlet of Mystic Parvati Valley 4/6 by Dedipya Basak
Snow Capped mountains all around Grahan
Photo of Grahan- The Unknown Hamlet of Mystic Parvati Valley 5/6 by Dedipya Basak
The First Sun-light @ Grahan


I often travel solo. I spend every single night in different places during my trips. Grahan is such a place among many. But in this small meadow I explored the rapid changes of nature. I realized how a day starts with a warm and embracing sunlight. I evidenced the end of a working day. I explored the win of night over the busy day. I (re)-interpreted time- an immortal who never slow down or accelerate.

Photo of Grahan- The Unknown Hamlet of Mystic Parvati Valley 6/6 by Dedipya Basak
Village Grahan
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