Green Air Conditioning Systems and Products


Most of us have air conditioning systems in our homes and businesses. It is an essential part of being a productive member of society during those hot summer months. We often take the cooling costs and high energy usage on the chin to keep fresh. But do we have to sacrifice trying for a smaller carbon footprint to avoid melting? The answer is no because there are options out there to make our cooling systems a bit greener.

Chromasun is an alternative energy company based out of North Sydney, Australia. Dedicated to providing low-cost energy alternatives to the conventional air conditioning systems, which typically run on electricity. The Chromasun AC unit makes excellent use of solar energy and can be supplied with natural gas as well. They also make their solar panels, which generate a double-effect chiller that is their most effective way eliminate cost and energy usage.

Another alternative to an air conditioning system is the Ice-Powered Air Conditioner. Created by Ice Energy out of California, it is designed to reduce a home or building’s total energy consumption. By freezing over 400 gallons of water overnight, this ice is used to cool the building the next day. It produces cooling for up to six hours; afterward, you will use a traditional AC system. While not a complete solution, it certainly cuts costs.

Aside from a new system or installing an alternative system, you can use such green products as Quiet-Duct Wrap. Manufactured by The Green Product Company, it used recycled denim from landfills and contained to VOCs, fiberglass, or irritants. Like any other duct wrap, it will prevent heat loss and gain – in a greener way.

With energy analysis software such as Green Building Studio and Energy Gauge, users can project the most energy efficient and cost-effective HVAC systems for your building, even before you buy them.

While we would all love to cut costs and help the planet, it is not always possible. These alternatives are not quite worldwide, and most of us have a typical central air or room air conditioning system. If yours has been acting up, or you just want to be summer ready, call a professional company for air conditioning installation Millwood.

Remember, always call a professional before trying to fix or maintain your air conditioning unit on your own – especially if you have no experience or are very unsure about what you are doing. Stay cool and safe this summer.

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