Havelock Island Tour- The Most Recommended Choice for Vacationers

12th Oct 2017

It was the month of October when we all just sitting together and planning to travel some alluring destination that is enclosed with the pristine beauty of nature. Then we suddenly choose Andaman as our main tourist destination. To make the journey comfortable and enjoy the amazing hassle-free tour, we contact to Exploring Andaman and book their affordable packages with easier online booking procedure.

Our tour starts from the Neil Island which is a small island located about 42 kms from the north-east of the Port Blair. It has the population of around 4000 inhabitants and most of the people among this inhabitant come from Pakistan after the independence of India. Neil Island has a beautiful beach and boasts of some resorts with thatched huts. The island was just a land of natural beauty dotted with the splendid charm of Mother Nature from all directions. It is mostly visited by the foreign tourists.

We reached the popular Havelock Island, situated about 54kms from Port Blair next day in the morning. The island is widely known for the divine beaches, vibrant and verdant forest and stunning underwater life. Apart from us, many tourists were there including domestic and international visitors. During the visit, I met with an Indian family who arrived there by morning ferry and depart by evening after enjoying the sightseeing of must-explore place Radhanagar Beach.

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Foreigners coming from other countries usually stay there for a week or more than it to enjoy the dream vacation and unwind from boring slow paced life by discovering the Island’s alluring charms. The nice thing was that various signboards are placed there to promote eco-tourism in Havelock and inform tourists about the environment. Visitors are provided numerous accommodation services and basic facilities in the resorts, some of which offers the modern adventuring activities also such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and more to add the spice of thrill in a trip.

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Next we headed to our booked resort which is located in a close proximity to the sea and offers the captivating look of the surrounding environment. The spacious rooms are beautifully designed and fully-furnished. Every basic necessity is available in the room and the great thing I love most was the friendly nature of staff members and hospitality they provide. Then we went to Radhanagar Beach, situated at the western part of the island and lined with arching trees, azure blue and turquoise green seawater.

This beach is widely popular and rated as Asia’s best beach by the Time Magazine. It is enclosed with crescent forming hillocks, silver sands, crystal clear water, and lush green vegetation.

We saw the variety of dead corals, pieces of driftwood and shells. Hermit crabs are homing into the variety of colorful shells highly suitable to their sizes. The fascinating thing is that there is no huge crowd on the beach. The gentle waves hardly carry any sand with them. A visit to Radhanagar beach was so interesting and serene. The sunset view behind the clouds really touched my heart. After having a long day we went back to the resort to have a relaxing and peaceful sleep.

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Next morning after having the tasty and healthy breakfast, we went to the Elephanta Beach which is a snorkeling retreat of Havelock. We carried everything with us such as towels and required costumes. We reached Elephanta Beach, situated at island’s north-western part through amazing boat ride from the Jetty. Aside this, there is one more way and that is through the thick rain forest without any safe or developed motorable road. Boating ride has given us the true taste of adventure with the awe-inspiring view of enticing nature all around.

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It takes around half an hour to reach Elephanta Beach. Before us, numbers of people had already reached there and enjoying the snorkeling experience. As we’re doing it for the first time we’ve some fear. Thankfully, our snorkeling guide was with us and he taught everything such as how to wear the safety gears, ways of breathing through the mouth and all other key techniques.

Our snorkeling guide assists in going deeper and safer area of the sea and explores the incredible marine life. The view underwater was just fabulous. We saw many marine creatures such as sea anemones, colorful corals, sea urchins, exotic species of colorful fishes and greenery of the nature.

Now, a time comes to say good bye to this most charismatic destination and take leave. We reached back to the Port Blair by ferry. During the journey, we saw North Bay lighthouse near Port Blair from a close distance. Then with no stop in the way, we came back to our home with mesmerizing memories.

Guys, it is really the fantastic and beguiling experience to discover the Havelock Island. If you wish to enjoy that experience, you definitely plan a tour to this destination. Good luck, have an enthralling vacation!

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