How I Managed to Bring Half the State of Georgia Back across the Ocean with Me

1st Feb 2015

A Wonderful Trip Means Wonderful Things

On my recent trip to the US from my home, the UK, I had so much fun – a little too much fun, maybe. The truth is, I was a little ashamed of how much stuff I had amassed by the end of my stay. Well, what can I say? Georgia, where I spent most of my visit, is such a wonderful and welcoming place. Spending my days strolling the streets and sampling the local cuisine, there always seemed to be another shop window beckoning me to come inside with wares not known of in my native land.

I mean how easy is it to find Savannah Bee Company lip balm and body care in the United Kingdom? As you can probably guess, it’s next to impossible. And are you aware of how inexpensive precious stones are in Georgia? I mean I ventured out no farther than across the border to South Carolina and found that these gems had doubled in price – but not in quality. I went to The World of Coca-Cola and got tee shirts for the entire extended family. Because I didn’t know which colour would be my husband’s favourite, I even ended up buying three for him alone – I do have a problem making decisions sometimes.

When I Realised I was in Trouble

It was the last day of my relaxing holiday when suddenly the relaxation vanished in a moment: I opened the large main closet in my hotel bedroom, and tumbling out came the many great memories of my extended stay (I had planned on going home with my son a week earlier – but what can I say? When you fall in love with a place, it’s almost impossible to say goodbye). Only these memories weren’t in the form of thoughts – and they weren’t happy feelings either. These memories were real, tangible, right here with me – and I had no place to put them all!

My suitcase could only hold what I had come with, maybe one or two more things if I squeezed them in tight – but I had a whole closetful right before me! I decided to run back to the last boutique I had visited – at least there I could hope that the return period had not yet expired. I had just piled my five pairs of chunky shoes on the small counter to return when the woman told me something that has changed my life completely.

The Solution

The cashier had told me about, a website where in no time at all I could have everything settled – and my baggage flying back home. This was exactly the solution I needed. For a reasonable fee, everything I had purchased on my trip (yes, even including that antique stove and the new glass lamp and the new printer) could be put into boxes and shipped back home. Then, I could arrive with confidence to my many new treasures and gifts.

What did I do? Well, as you can probably guess, I grabbed those chunky shoes from that counter and ran out of the store (In my defense I was leaving later in the day and had no time to waste). In my haste I even forgot to thank the poor woman – but I sure hope somebody does. After all, her helpful advice has forever changed the way I travel. I can buy without worry – and I don’t leave the hotel with a closet full of souvenirs for the next guest to enjoy. My family actually finally has a chance to revel in these gifts. Because you know what – my husband liked the Coca-Cola shirts so much that he was glad I got all three! They have now become a staple of his wardrobe – in fact, I think he’s wearing the green one today.

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